Hating the Holidays as the Precursor to Happiness

You're supposed to be happy now, because it's the holidays.  The rest of the year, a civil disposition generally suffices.  But for the next eight weeks, if you aren't madly in love with every gift, every canape, every delightful holiday fete . . . you aren't just an ungrateful wretch, you're a menace to society. There are Good Reasons to Hate the Holidays The thing about the modern holiday season is that it's come unmoored.  We don't celebrate Thanksgiving, we celebrate Thanks-Getting -- he … [Read more...]

St. Therese Chocolate Update – Free Shipping through 10/14 at Equal Exchange

You can count on me for news you can use.  In this case, free shipping at Equal Exchange on orders containing chocolate:The fine print on the CHOCWEEK Coupon Code: *Offer expires 10/10/14. Free shipping valid on within the contiguous United States only. Valid once per customer, on orders of $25 or more. Orders must contain chocolate products.  FYI on the way EE works: You can choose to be a retail or a wholesale customer, doesn't matter whether you are or are not part of an official o … [Read more...]

The Feast of Small Things with Great Drama + My Favorite Calendar

It's the feast of St. Therese, and I have a serious post coming up some other time.  Meanwhile, let us observe that hidden in the word Piety is pie.  And when someone says pie, that means chocolate and coffee.We can thus remember that today is the Little Flower's feast day because it is also the first day of Fall, if by "Fall" what you mean is "when the summer shipping charges at Equal Exchange no longer apply."We'd been waiting with Therese-like restraint to reorder coffee -- it had go … [Read more...]

If You Have to Ask, “Is that the Church?” It’s Time to Call an Architect

Last month I had the chance to visit Fr. Dwight Longenecker's parish, Our Lady of the Rosary in Greenville, SC.   Google Maps was mostly-faithful, and I found the parish school without too much trouble.  I was a little early for Mass, but figured I'd park where the other people were parking, then wander around until I found the church.What was I looking for?  The school buildings were a classic collection done in the style of Low-Slung Mid-Century Frugal Southerner, complete with outdoor wal … [Read more...]

Useful Stuff: All the Mass Readings for 2015 in One Book – Updated

Yesterday the 2015 Abide in My Word showed up in the mail.  Nice thick glossy-cover paperback that looks like this:Wow.  What a neat book.  It's nothing complicated, just the daily Mass readings for every single day of 2015.  (Note: It starts on January 1, not with Advent.)  Big print, and big, bold-faced date headings for each day.  Very cool, and not very expensive.  I was particularly excited about it because a friend of mine is trying to improve her English by going to more English-l … [Read more...]

At Mass Today: Types of Mary

When we say something is a "type" of Christ, what we mean is that it in some way reflects the reality of Our Lord.  For example, Isaac is a "type" of Christ when he willingly lets his father offer him as a sacrifice to God.  (Early monotheists had to work through a few misunderstandings in how this whole "religion" thing was supposed to work.  Hint: The real God doesn't want you to ritually sacrifice your children, even if you've been raised to think that's just the cure for all that ails. Wh … [Read more...]

HDO Alert: Build Your Life Around the Most Important Thing

Happy Feast of the Assumption!It's a Holy Day of Obligation, so get yourself to Mass someplace.Why does the Church do this to us every so often, insisting we turn up and worship not just on Sundays, but six other days of the year into the equation?  It's as if you're expected to totally rearrange your life in order to attend Mass.  It's as if there were something so important about these feasts that we should make them the priority.  It's as if even we who have busy in-the-world vo … [Read more...]