Are You Smarter than a Notre Dame Theologian? Episode 2, IVF Edition

Tom McDonald pointed me to this article, co-authored by Joel Baden and Candida Moss -- the latter being a professor in the Theology Department at Notre Dame University.  Who doesn't know Catholic moral theology.  Let's walk through the article and compare Notre Dame vs. The Catholic Church. In 2011, Emily Herx was teaching English at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She was also having trouble getting pregnant, so she began in vitro fertilization treatments. When she i … [Read more...]

PSA: 100% of Condom Failures Occur During those “Fertile Days”

 The Atlantic reports on the increased use of fertility-awareness methods of family planning, especially among us educated-types.  Quick caution if you read the article, take a look at this quote and put on your thinking cap: Every morning when she wakes up, Becca, a college student in Pennsylvania, puts a teardrop-shaped thermometer called the Daysy under her tongue. If it lights up green, she knows that day she and her boyfriend can have sex without a condom. If it’s red or yellow, th … [Read more...]

In Favor of Incompetent Housewives

 Your must-read column for today is Calah Alexander's essay on what it's like being part of the current generation of incompetents, "Those Pathetic Millenial Moms.". . .  I was raised by a loving, attentive mother who stayed home until I was in high school. But culture is pervasive. Kids learn it through osmosis, and unless you lock them in a fortress, they’re gonna pick up on it. “Stay-at-home-mom” had a negative connotation for me from the time I began hearing “mom” qualified as su … [Read more...]

Gay and Catholic: What’s Not to Love?

Eve Tushnet's new book Gay and Catholic is this month's Patheos book club book, so you can see a pile of reviews and comments here.  I give it a nearly-unqualified Buy recommend. What is this book? Gay and Catholic is a combination memoir, meditation, and how-to manual for both Catholics who experience same-sex attraction and the people who love them (or ought to).  Think Catholic Nerd Girl's heart-to-heart about life, the Church, and everything.  It's funny, it's literary, and there's som … [Read more...]

Adultery is Not the Only Option: Five Things You Can Do to Keep Your Vows Intact

Deacon Greg Kandra writes about a recent NY Times piece on priests who forsake their vows, and the women who help them do it.  You would think from the way people talk that there's something about a man in holy orders that just makes him irresistible. It's as if there's a force field emanating from that Roman collar that disables free will: Don't get too close, ladies, or you might have no choice but to fall in love! Well, the don't get too close part may be true, anyway.  But that's not bec … [Read more...]

You know you’ve done *something* right when . . .

. . . We're in the truck, and the middle-schooler makes some remark to me mentioning birth control -- comment on the news, an advertisement, something a friend said, I can't remember what.  Eight-year-old eavesdropper in the back seat asks, "What's birth control?"I avoid choking and give a low-key answer, along the lines of, "It's a drug or device used to make it so your body can't have babies, or has a hard time having babies."End of discussion, we move on, middle-schooler picks up with … [Read more...]

#Synod14 – Prostitute Nation and a Jar of Perfume

If you want to understand the clerical food fight portion of this month's Synod on the Family, what you need to know about is sexting.Not the Catholic kind, the other kind.Your must-read article for this month is The Atlantic's feature Why Kids Sext.  It's long, and you should read the whole thing.Points to ponder as you do so:Louisa County is normal America.  There's nothing "different" that explains why there was suddenly a website full of students' naked images running on I … [Read more...]