Don Bosco on Recess Consultants and Playing Tag

The National Review has a snippet-article about "Recess Consultants" whose job is to improve the playtime experience for school children.  Circulating elsewhere are reports of schools banning games of Tag, latest casualty in the war on scraped knees and egos. Before we get too wrapped up in our self-righteous huffing and puffing, let's talk about Don Bosco.The background is this: St. John Bosco started schools for boys from the bad parts of town.  Boys who weren't growing up in loving homes w … [Read more...]

Pro-Life, Married, and Contracepting: Is There a Problem?

In light of the recent Planned Parenthood videos, I've been thinking about a group of pro-life friends who don't fit the Catholic categories.  These are staunchly pro-life Christians who believe sex should be saved for marriage, that marriage is a lifelong, exclusive union between one man and one woman, but who take contraception as the 'default mode' for marital relations, and sterilization as an acceptable way to avoid pregnancy indefinitely.There are variations within that broad … [Read more...]

XY Motherhood: What do Recent IVF Cases in the News Tell Us? – Updated

UPDATE: For a detailed treatment of the question of intersex persons and the possibility of sex change, see Christopher Tollefsen writing at Public Discourse, "Sex Identity."   *** A friend shared two articles about genetically XY women who conceived via IVF.  She wonders what we are to make of such cases.  A few thoughts:1. The real scandal in these particular stories (here and here) is the use of IVF, which is gravely immoral.2. I'm not aware of any particular Church teaching on how t … [Read more...]

Will Suffering Make Your Marriage Better or Worse?

Suffering is called "suffering" because it's horrible.  The amount of horror can vary from low-grade misery to unspeakable darkness, and furthermore some types of suffering are harder on a given marriage than others.In addition to objective differences -- a week with a bad cold is less suffering than years of intractable scream-out-loud pain -- each couple is composed of two people with their own strengths, weaknesses, and quirks, as well as their own distinct resources.Thus, for … [Read more...]

Transvestites and Conservative Christians Meet Minds at the Cult of Prettiness

Being pretty has never come naturally to me.  I like the concept in theory, but I don't have the patience for it.I grew up immersed in that world where gender-equality was translated as prove you can do everything a boy can. The going entertainment-industry trope was the odd-couple pairing of the pretty girl who was beautiful but whiny and useless with the tomboy who got things done and then got a makeover at the end of the movie.That culture breeds misogyny.  Given my natural spread of s … [Read more...]

Marriage is Not a Purchase, Your Spouse is Not Your Slave

Unclear on the concept is abounding these days.  Michelle Arnold shared the link to this terribly twisted approach to marital relations and all I can say is no.  Just no.For a clear-headed discussion of the patriarchy movement in general, here's those wild liberals at HSLDA stepping up to disown this nonsense.  Christianity is not about this.  Just no, never, no way no how, end of story.What is marriage?  The free gift of self between husband and wife.  It's faithful, it's fruitful, it's … [Read more...]

Is there a Christian Answer to the Transgender Problem? How about BIID?

I've written on the topic of transgender Christians before, see the last two links in the list below.  Today I want to answer a few questions that came up in the course of a private conversation concerning both gender dysphoria and body integrity identity disorder.  The two are related in that both involve a sense that one's (otherwise ordinary) body is profoundly wrong-as-created.  The two are also related in that the moral (and thus physical) response to both conditions is essentially the sa … [Read more...]