Look Mom, I Found the Porn!

This week over at the Catholic Conspiracy, we watch me lose my temper at the people who tell me I need to calm down and get along about that porn basket.But they’re taped shut. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re selling pornography at your store. You’re telling the world that it’s fine to buy and sell this stuff. You’re making the decision to attract buyers of pornography to your business. But that guy who runs the stall is just trying to make a living. That’s right. He’s decided he … [Read more...]

Chapel Veils and the End of Choice

It's the day of prayer and penance for the unborn, and not only am I not marching, I'm not even out teaching -- home with a cold and watching a child with a cold, while other people carry on doing responsible things.  As a result, I've tweeted a fair number of abortion-themed posts from this morning's reading, but this bit from a Fr. Z. reader about chapel veils sums it all up better than anything.The reader, a Catholic high school student (female), writes to Fr. Z. asking advice about … [Read more...]

Real Things from Fiction

Happy New Year everyone!  I'm doing fine, a bit tired and a lot busy with regular life, which finds me offline more than usual lately.  I'm looking forward to getting back to more blogging in the weeks ahead.  Meanwhile, as often happens in winter, I've been writing fiction.  It's a hobby, and addictive enough I probably need a National Don't Write A Novel Month.  First drafts are my specialty, thanks.In a rare bit of online reading today I came across Brandon Watson's well-timed post at Siri … [Read more...]

Old Poverty in the New Economy

Kat Fernandez recently shared her perennial post on poverty-nagging.  What caught my attention was the blouse incident:He didn’t have to say yes, he’d help me, but he did. He also didn’t have to comment that I needed to learn to save money or note that I was wearing a new blouse, but he did. Never mind the “new” blouse was actually a hand me down or the idea of a savings was laughable making barely over minimum wage. He was in a position to help me, which entitled him to lecture me for bein … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Care About Women’s Ordination

Way back when I was a confused but zealous Catholic teenager, I considered whether I might have a religious vocation.  I read some books from the parish library about being a nun, and maybe a few articles in the diocesan newspaper.  Nobody at my parish made any effort whatsoever to talk to high school students about religious vocations or help them explore the possibilities, but in any case I came to my own conclusion:  If women could be priests, I would have signed up.But since I wasn't Ep … [Read more...]

CORRECTED: US Bishops Have No Case in Court If They Won’t Stand for the Faith at Home

CORRECTED:  Kathy Schiffer graciously reminds me that Bishop Finn has asked NCR to stop calling itself Catholic.  So on to the next step, then.  My original post below.***Remember when "Real Catholic TV" was told to drop the word "Catholic" from its name?  Quick refresher from CNA:During its time as “Real Catholic TV,” the apostolate was told by the Archdiocese of Detroit that it did not have permission to describe itself as “Catholic.” The Roman Catholic Church's current Code of Cano … [Read more...]

Is Your Parish Your Community? Or Not So Much?

The topic of loneliness and exclusion from parish life came up recently, and I threw down the gauntlet: I don't think most of us have a real community at our parishes.  Even those who seem so busy or involved or catered to don't necessarily have much going on in terms of genuine social and spiritual relationships.To which I propose the following quiz, to see if your parish really is your community.  Not counting close family members:Do the people you sit near regularly at Mass know your … [Read more...]