So, Mr. Jesus. We Meet Again.

This Sunday's Gospel has Jesus out for a walk on the beach, and he sees these fishermen and tells them to drop everything and come become apostles.  To hear it preached sometimes, you'd think they'd all never met before.  But take a look at last Sunday's Gospel:John was standing with two of his disciples, and as he watched Jesus walk by, he said, “Behold, the Lamb of God.” The two disciples heard what he said and followed Jesus. Jesus turned and saw them following him and said to them, … [Read more...]

Christian Community Renewal for Ordinary Moms

This story is for Melanie Bettinelli, who is far more thoughtful than I am, and her house is in better order.So just before Thanksgiving this year, me and another mom got an invitation.  We had a new friend who we'd met because our daughters played sports together and liked each other.  And she said, "I'd like to have you over to do a Thanksgiving craft with us."We said yes, even though we were not really looking for Thanksgiving crafts, but we knew that friendship and community life is i … [Read more...]

You’re Invited to Simcha Fisher’s Baby Shower – Updated with Drink Recipe

Rebecca is a throwing a baby shower for Simcha Fisher -- I think you get one every ten babies -- and it's happening at a website near you. So you should go.There are drinks, and games, and drinks, and the gift-giving format is organized so that you are guaranteed to never, ever, have your gift featured in one of Simcha's Top Ten Most Horrifying Baby Gifts columns.UPDATED: I forgot to bring my contribution to the potluck: Grown-Up Chocolate Milk 1 Part Meletti Cioccolato or: 1 Part … [Read more...]

The Real Presence and My Reversion to the Catholic Faith

My reversion to the Catholic faith was in some ways launched in full force when I was on a trip to San Antonio, touring about, and failed to feel the presence of God upon entering a Catholic Church.  I tell the whole story here, and here's the bit about Texas:But I wasn’t really happy.  I spent several years trying this and that in the spiritual cafeteria.  We attended the local Unitarian Universalist congregation, but it never really took.  On a trip to San Antonio I discovered the depth of … [Read more...]

Friends in High Places: Get Yourself a Saint for 2015

Matchmaking time.  Jen Fulwiler's Patron Saint Generator is up and running. If you haven't done so already, go get yourself an assigned saint for 2015.I did this in 2014, and got Don Bosco on my case.  We had started out with a rocky relationship some years ago, so I was a tad nervous when we were paired last winter.  But we've come to an understanding and we're friends now.Still, I had to hold my breath when I clicked the button this year, because I'm always secretly afraid I'll get so … [Read more...]

Diocese Pays for IVF, Does $2 Million Penance

In my comments yesterday, I neglected to fully rake the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend over the coals.  Let's look at one more detail, as reported in The National Catholic Register: According to court documents, Herx informed the school’s principal, Sandra Guffey, in March 2010 during the first round of treatment — part of which was paid for by the diocese’s health plan — and her contract was renewed. Yes.  A Catholic diocese's health insurance plan covered IVF, a procedure that is immoral un … [Read more...]

Something Useful: Cursive Worksheet Generator – You Specify the Text

What I'm thinking about today is . . . cursive.  This site rescued a child of mine this morning: Cursive Handwriting Practice Worksheet Generator.  You can make your own custom sheets with whatever letters, words, or sentences you like.  It's free to use for your private, educational use. Bronzino [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons … [Read more...]