Does the Catholic Faith Permit the Use of Artificial Wombs?

If Brave New World is coming soon to a hospital near you, what does that mean for your premature baby? Over the Register, today I'm making predictions about what the next edition of The Catechism will have to say about "artificial womb" technology: Here at the Register, Angelo Stagnaro has recently expressed his grave concerns about the invention of “artificial wombs.” The technology in question is a medical device that simulates an unborn baby’s environment in utero. It is designed as an improv … [Read more...]

The God Who Does Not Meddle

This Lent I've been reading from On the Passion of Christ According to the Four Evangelists by Thomas à Kempis. I keep losing the book, so my progress is slow, and hence this thought for Good Friday from relatively early in the Passion: The populace cried out: We have a law, and according to that law he must die because he has made himself Son of God. Upon hearing this, the governor became frightened and asked: Who are you? The fear of God is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and Pilate is s … [Read more...]

Why Mention 5,000 Men, and Slight Those Women and Children?

As I mentioned the other week, Sr. Simone Campbell has shown herself to be a dreadful sexist (and a bit of an atheist) in her reflection on the Gospel accounts of the feeding of the 5,000 men.  The question she posed, however, is a good one.What she wanted to know is: Why do the Scriptures give a counting of the men present so specifically?  We can't even say the authors were using the term "men" in a generic way to mean "mankind" or "people."  The Bible clearly states that the estimated at … [Read more...]

Doing Something Right, Priest Edition

This past week a priest in our region died, suddenly and unexpectedly.  He was not someone I knew personally, accident of geography.  Friday morning as I opened class in prayer, I completely forgot to include Father in our prayers until one of the moms reminded me.  In the excitement of a morning teaching, that sorrow again slipped from my mind.On the way into Benediction before Mass, I saw an acquaintance in the narthex, the father of one of my daughter's friends.  It was a pleasant sur … [Read more...]

Prayer Time – For a Dad in ICU, and others

Yesterday was my sister's birthday, and since I'd lost her phone number (again!) I dropped her a note online to wish her many happy returns of the day.We chatted a bit, and then she asked that I unleash you prayer warriors on behalf of Casey Colvin, a young father who went in to the hospital for routine shoulder surgery and failed to come out due to cardiac arrest.  So in your charity, please remember Casey and his family in your prayers.She didn't ask, but if you'd lift up my sister as … [Read more...]

Holiday Despair and the Meaning of Christmas

Years ago my husband had a business trip to Milan, and he went to church while he was there.  A local colleague tried to puzzle out this behavior, for it wasn't mere tourism.  "But nothing is wrong with you," he protested.  "You are young, healthy, intelligent, educated, successful. Why would you go to church?"  Church was where the old and the poor and the disabled went -- people who were desperate.  People who needed consolation.He wasn't entirely wrong.The "Holiday Season," as we call … [Read more...]

When Your Priest is a Jerk

So I have a couple priest-friends who can pretty much match me for jerk-power, but it works out because we know each other.  We can do something stunningly stupid, and those who know us will put that low moment into the overall context of all the other things we do, shrug, and tell us to straighten up and fly right.This is how it is with all your friends and family.  Because you live together, you see them at their worst, but you also see some of their bests and mostly their middles.  I can b … [Read more...]