Good Riddance Evangelism

So this week at Mass I saw a priest pick a fight with a group of little girls (not mine).  He stood up before the final blessing and announced to the congregation that a thing these girls were doing during Mass needed to stop.The behavior in question was one of those liturgical quirks that people like to argue about.   If it's to your taste you argue for a spirit of charity and broadmindness, and point out the many reasons a person might find it spiritually edifying; if it's not to your ta … [Read more...]

Catholic Life Hacks: Truly Last Minute Saint Costume

If you have a group of children who need a saint costume, stat, ask if anyone can lend you some red lip gloss.In the hands of a skilled teenager, you can have a company of martyrs of the French Revolution in no time at all.  Hint: A white t-shirt is maybe not the best combination, when you are going for the freshly-decapitated look.  Thank goodness for bleach. ***Of course for pure All-Hallow's-Eve report-giving pleasure, you want a martyr of the Roman Empire.  No really: When she said a … [Read more...]

True Radiance Chapter 6: The Beauty in Every Vocation

My friend Lisa Mladinich asked me to write today on chapter six of her beautiful new book, True Radiance: Finding Grace in the Second Half of Life.Lisa's going to be doing a giveaway of her book for readers of this blog over at her place, and yes, I completely forgot to ask whether that will be at or Water into Wine, so check both!  I'll update here when I have the direct link.(I explained to her that me putting things in the mail was not a good way to make sure it … [Read more...]

State Mandates Killing of Mentally Ill Patients

No no, I've got that headline wrong.  It's all about "dignity" when you tell a mentally-ill person, "Why yes, we would all be better off without you, thanks for asking."  Nothing confers more dignity on a suffering person than affirming for them that in fact you'd rather get rid of them, too.But no one's making anyone kill their neighbor with this kindness, are they? On the contrary: If you're a doctor in Quebec, you'll be expected to kill patients regardless of your personal (or medical) op … [Read more...]

“If You Were Really Pro-Life Then You’d . . .”

One of the red herrings of the culture of death is the, "What about those poor people over there?" argument.  If you were really pro-life, they accuse, you'd care about orphans, and the homeless, and name-that-suffering-people-group.  It's not only a distraction, it is also a false accusation:  The same people who campaign for the right of all innocent people not to be killed are also in the business of helping the not-dead-yet to live well.The distraction is likewise used by people who will … [Read more...]

Updated – How to Help in SC, and Flood Notes of Interest #scflood

UPDATED: Go here for a better list of ways to help with immediate needs and longterm recovery. One of the difficulties with assisting with flood relief in South Carolina is that unless you are in the immediate area, you may not be able to physically get to a location in order to offer assistance in-kind.The National Guard collects donations every April 15th (and are doing good work with those funds, thank you), and I'm told a number of dubious "charities" have sprung up.  If you are looking … [Read more...]

Pro-Life, Married, and Contracepting: Is There a Problem?

In light of the recent Planned Parenthood videos, I've been thinking about a group of pro-life friends who don't fit the Catholic categories.  These are staunchly pro-life Christians who believe sex should be saved for marriage, that marriage is a lifelong, exclusive union between one man and one woman, but who take contraception as the 'default mode' for marital relations, and sterilization as an acceptable way to avoid pregnancy indefinitely.There are variations within that broad … [Read more...]