Be Scared Every Day

I've been prayerfully following Elizabeth Scalia's coverage of the ravaging of Iraq, and I hope you have been too.Rebecca Hamilton writes here about how Ebola is not someone else's problem.I'm appalled by the reports from the southern border of the US: Central America's feudal warlords have scourged their own fiefdoms to the point that parents are pushing even their young daughters onto avenues of escape that are half an inch short of certain rape and likely death.When our kids pray … [Read more...]

Charlotte, NC Missionaries of the Poor Benefit Concert – The Messiah August 9th

A head's up from Mrs. Curley:Hello Everyone,I have been asked by The Missionaries Of The Poor (MOP)  to spread the word about the concert they are sponsoring to benefit the poorest of the poor. 100% of the proceeds will go to Missionaries Of The Poor Homeless and Abandoned Children.I have tickets for the concert entitled "The MESSIAH!! THE GREATEST MUSICAL EVER"   2:00 pm Saturday, August 9, 2014 Halton Theater, CPCC 1206 El … [Read more...]

Something Beautiful: Lectio Divina Blog

Serendipity is following  a link to the Lectio Divina site by transitional deacon Ian Van Heusen.  The blog is here.  Hard not to like a place with posts -- good ones, true ones -- about things like "learning to die."  Yes.  This.Beautiful.Go look.  … [Read more...]

Modesty as the Language of Mutual Respect

"I just hate it when people tell me what to wear."That's the open admission of a number of women joining in the backlash against the clothing police this summer.  Between my native hard-headedness and the reports of egregious abuses committed in the name of "modesty", I'm sympathetic.  As much as we try to patiently forebear and ignore when the control freaks circle, eventually one reaches a limit.  One more comment about the evils of elbows and I'm going to stuff that 3/4 sleeve cardigan do … [Read more...]

Quick Links – Corrections on Guns & Tuam

Two links, unrelated, that deserve your attention:1. The Associated Press issued a correction on its shoddy reporting on the scandal at Tuam.  I will forebear from making comments about reputable journalists vs. upstart bloggers, and say only that America magazine deserves what credit it's earned.2. Rebecca Frech tells her gun story.  Since Rebecca goes head to head with he-who-must-not-be-named, I should say right now that I'm on the record as a certified Mark P. Shea fangirl.  I don't j … [Read more...]

Dead Priests, Dead Babies, Guns, Cars, Accidents, Guilt & Absolution

The death of Fr. Kenneth Walker has opened back up the discussion about whether priests ought to carry firearms for self-defense. Fr. Z addressed the question back in 2013 with a firm, "I don't have a formed opinion on this," observing only that canon law does not prohibit and civil law ought to permit.As a resident of gunlandia, I plead inability to think objectively about these things.  If I lived in a time and place where the prevailing form of government was "blood feud," I'd think … [Read more...]

F-Minus Christianity: Loving My Enemies

Christianity, I remind myself, is an aspirational religion.  I usually get to pray the daily Mass readings in the morning (preferred location: outdoors), or at daily Mass, or both.  Today was one of those special days when a confluence of laziness, fatigue, and good fortune conspired to make me miss out on both go-rounds.But all was not lost! 16th of the month means I'd already read and reflected on the Gospel for your meditational pleasure.It's like prepaid h … [Read more...]