The Martyrless Delusion in Christopia

Julie Davis comments here on the pending execution of a Christian woman for the crime of not adhering to her father's religion.*I grew up with the usual American public school version of history, which went Greek Democracy, Roman Republic, Magna Carta, Pilgrims, 1776, and look everything's great!It's a tempting narrative for good reason.  When you have an awareness of the way God is acting in your life, you begin to see at key moments what the Grateful Dead nailed on the head: Everything … [Read more...]

Religion is about Reality – and so is the Black Mass

One of the striking features of Harvard's planned Black Mass, being hosted by Satanists who don't believe in Satan, is that the exhibitors don't actually believe their own religion.  If Catholics are concerned about the event, it is because we do believe ours.The Catholic faith is not a set of feelings or preferences.  It is a series of statements about reality.  About things that are true. Things that are real.  The occult is gravely dangerous not because it is pretend, but because it is not … [Read more...]

Nine Annoying Things Novena – Start Now

The prospect of death does not make cry. The prospect of choosing between another around of Dr. Maybe's Office Staff Craziness Circus, or giving up on the local guy and driving two hours down the road to the next nearest guy in the same specialty . . . that makes me cry.Appointment w/ Dr. Maybe is in 9 days, and if ever there were need for the Nine Annoying Things Novena, that need is now.   Those who followed me over from the old place know how it works.  New friends, here's the de … [Read more...]

Just Say No to Needy Busybodies

If you search Google images for the word "No", a bazillion variations pop up.  If you search Wikimedia, all you get is lovely Nobelium, an element about which I know nothing.  It might kill you.  Or not. I stink at the word No.  My kids charm me, everyone charms me, and I cave.  When Lisa Hendey mentioned she was writing a book called The Grace of Yes, I retorted that my husband would burn the book if he saw it in my hands.  In reality, the book isn't about encouraging overcommitment, not at all … [Read more...]

Trusting God When Life Isn’t Easy

One more bit of excitement for today: Take a look at the first issue of Pauline Media's new and gorgeous digital magazine.  Current issue is entitled: Trusting God When Life Isn't Easy.  Yes, that's my article on page 3.  I tell the bloody finger story, which is funny, not gory, so you know you want to look.  And it's free -- other people paid to make this happen so that you don't have to. Writing thing: Sr. Marie Paul Curley is not just a nice person in a stylish blue habit, she's one of my f … [Read more...]

A Deadly Faith – Gospel Reflection

In the busyness of Holy Week I forgot to tell you my Gospel reflection for Matthew 26:14-25 went up last Wednesday.Interesting writing thing to know about: The way these work at is that you get your assignment and submit six months of reflections at a time.  Which means that you aren't necessarily in the season when you're writing.  And it means that when they finally go live, you get to see a bit of what you were thinking so many months ago.  I've found these to be both fun a … [Read more...]

Radio Silence = Please Pray

Sick here.  Not quite ER sick, but definitely Lay down and don't blog sick.  Prayers appreciated.  I'll be back at it as soon as I'm able. Thanks! … [Read more...]