Gender Reassignment Creates Problems, But Not Irredeemable Problems

Thanks to Sean Alderman for the link to this 2004 article at First Things about the clinical case against gender-reassignment.  In it, Paul McHugh of John Hopkins outlines his experience both with adult patients asking for male-to-female sex-change surgery, and with the long-term outcomes of infant boys with ambiguous genitalia who are surgically castrated, given female-like outward genitalia, and raised as girls.  The paper is long but eminently readable, and I encourage you to read the whole t … [Read more...]

Evil is Easy – updated twice

Fresh reports of horror out of Ireland, these far grimmer than what I had seen previously (which were grim enough). Is there something special about the Irish that makes them so cruel?  No, there is not.  It's not an Irish thing, it's not a Catholic thing, it's not a nun thing.  It's an evil thing.On the question of religion, my advice is simple: If your religion commands you to commit evil acts, it's time to get a new religion.  What happened in this orphanage was sin writ large, nasty, and … [Read more...]

“I Got My Life Back!” And Similar Nonsense

At this writing, I am the poster child for Better Living Through Chemistry.  If we were to rely on a drug-ad cliche to sum up the post-prescription transformation, one might reach for the old reliable, "I got my life back!"And that would be nonsense.I'm not ungrateful, I'm tremendously grateful.  I'm thoroughly enjoying this dramatic change in circumstance.  I certainly don't mean to squash the happiness of anyone who's experienced some similar reprieve.  Nor would I ever dismiss the gen … [Read more...]

God Neither Needs Nor Wastes

In your frustration, loneliness, isolation, pain, turmoil, desolation, and death . . . there is nothing God can't redeem.God who made everything out of nothing is not going to be thwarted.God who turned the ultimate evil into the ultimate good is not going to let your suffering go to waste.Don't be afraid. … [Read more...]

Come to Mass Ugly, Please – Fan Mail Edition

I got a note from Bryan Murdaugh this morning about my freshly-pressed column up at New Evangelizers, I am totally publishing it.  You would, too, you know you would. Your article made its way into my inbox this morning, and once again, bravo! You have such an amazing way of bringing practical truths into the lens of things important for the faithful. It reminds me of who-knows-how-many-million young people (and their accompanying adults) I have reminded that Sunday Mass is important enough … [Read more...]

The Martyrless Delusion in Christopia

Julie Davis comments here on the pending execution of a Christian woman for the crime of not adhering to her father's religion.*I grew up with the usual American public school version of history, which went Greek Democracy, Roman Republic, Magna Carta, Pilgrims, 1776, and look everything's great!It's a tempting narrative for good reason.  When you have an awareness of the way God is acting in your life, you begin to see at key moments what the Grateful Dead nailed on the head: Everything … [Read more...]

Religion is about Reality – and so is the Black Mass

One of the striking features of Harvard's planned Black Mass, being hosted by Satanists who don't believe in Satan, is that the exhibitors don't actually believe their own religion.  If Catholics are concerned about the event, it is because we do believe ours.The Catholic faith is not a set of feelings or preferences.  It is a series of statements about reality.  About things that are true. Things that are real.  The occult is gravely dangerous not because it is pretend, but because it is not … [Read more...]