Parsing the Data on “Childhood Gun Violence”

Pediatrics has just released a study on childhood firearms injuries and deaths, and this CNN article is typical of the news coverage.  Unless you read very carefully, deep into the article, you would get the idea that we are having an epidemic of young children shooting one another.(How do I feel about the stories like the one that opens the CNN article?  As I've said on these pages: If you aren't committed to keeping your firearms out of the hands of unauthorized users, you shouldn't own fi … [Read more...]

Does the Catholic Faith Permit the Use of Artificial Wombs?

If Brave New World is coming soon to a hospital near you, what does that mean for your premature baby? Over the Register, today I'm making predictions about what the next edition of The Catechism will have to say about "artificial womb" technology: Here at the Register, Angelo Stagnaro has recently expressed his grave concerns about the invention of “artificial wombs.” The technology in question is a medical device that simulates an unborn baby’s environment in utero. It is designed as an improv … [Read more...]

10 Minutes to Summarize American Culture

If you want to understand where America stands, pay attention to the Super Bowl half-time show.I mean this from a purely sociological standpoint.My reasoning:The Super Bowl is the single event that unites the entire country.  It transcends race, gender, social class, politics, religion and every other divide. The Super Bowl is considered family viewing. The people who put on the Super Bowl have a vested interest in maintaining this peak spot on the cultural mountain as the one A … [Read more...]

Denying the Faith – Christianity vs. Islam, Martyrdom & Taqiya

This is a request for assistance from any readers who are knowledgeable on the topic.  Please kindly refrain from answering if your knowledge of Islam consists primarily of passing around inflammatory memes on social media, thanks.Background:  Yesterday in my extensive goofing off online, a friend pointed me to Wikipedia's darkly amusing catalog of all the different ways people lie.  In skimming the article, I stumbled on the reference to Taqiya, a concept that was heretofore completely unkn … [Read more...]

The Surprising Evidence that Gender Matters, and What to Do About It

When future generations reflect on the fall of the American republic, they'll no doubt get a chuckle over our obsession with having every aspect of our lives carefully legislated, to the point that our proto-emperors have now taken it upon themselves to dictate where and how their millions of citizens might relieve themselves.Keep in mind we already have laws concerning toilet problems.  Whether you are worried about hygiene, or sound plumbing, or commodes-per-occupant, or sewage treatment, … [Read more...]

What Kind of Place was Nazareth?

Jimmy Akin has a good review of this past Sunday's Gospel reading up at the Register.  Meanwhile, something to think about:When Philip asks, "Can anything good from Nazareth?" the intensity of the question is lost on us.  When we hear other references to Jesus being from that town, there's no real significance.  It's just this place.  A little town like any other.We tend, then, to dismiss the rejection of Jesus in his hometown as just one of those things -- people won't let you out of you … [Read more...]

Hashtags, Prayers, and Progressive Fundamentalists: A Lesson from Sister Simone

Please welcome guest blogger Timothy Scott Reeves.   Scott is a philosophy student, father of six, and all around good guy.  He's Anglican in the CS Lewis and early-GKC tradition, and circulates comfortably in the meat-world orthocathosphere.  I always find his comments insightful and was pleased when he offered to write a guest post for this blog.  Enjoy!   Hashtags, Prayers, and Progressive Fundamentalists: A Lesson from Sister Simone What have fundamentalists to do with prayer? Ever … [Read more...]