Traps for Catechists and How to Avoid Them

It's new-catechist season, and if you know such a person, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about the book you want.  It's Classroom Management for Catechists, by me.  It's cheap, short, readable, and gives you a 101 on how to avoid all the stupid things I did as a new religious ed teacher, and instead go directly to putting together a decent class even if you aren't a genius with magical superpowers.There's a Spanish version, too.  If you are buying in bulk for your parish or diocese, call … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes in Catholic Blogging

It is no surprise, given the violence and destruction the enemy is wreaking in the physical world, that the Church would likewise be under vicious attack. I’d like to address some questions readers have about professional Catholic blogging, and before I begin, here’s a passage of Scripture I think sets the right framework for us: 3 Whoever teaches something different and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the religious teaching 4 is conceited, understanding not … [Read more...]

Are You a Writer or a Content-Provider? There’s a Conference for That

So let me tell you a funny story about why you should consider going to this year's Catholic Writers Conference Live.Fellow Catholic Patheosi Kate O'Hare shared a link to an article about clickbait-mills over at Slate, "Dear Journalists: For the Love of God, Please Stop Calling Your Writing Content."The gist of the article is this:  The label "content" is used as a catch-all for the loads of shoddy garbage that the internet spews out daily in the never-ending quest for ad revenue.   … [Read more...]

So You Want to Be a (Better) Catholic Writer? Sign Up ASAP.

Karina Fabian reminds you that now is the time to sign up for the Catholic Writers Conference Online: CWCO2016 is almost here! It’s set for March 4-6, and all the terrific details are at It’s $40 for nonmembers,  $25 for CWG members. Drop by the website and register soon. Registration ends Feb 27 or when we get 200 attendees. It’s been a long haul for Laura Lowder and I. We’ve been recruiting speakers for months, working on the new webinar software and putti … [Read more...]

Hashtags, Prayers, and Progressive Fundamentalists: A Lesson from Sister Simone

Please welcome guest blogger Timothy Scott Reeves.   Scott is a philosophy student, father of six, and all around good guy.  He's Anglican in the CS Lewis and early-GKC tradition, and circulates comfortably in the meat-world orthocathosphere.  I always find his comments insightful and was pleased when he offered to write a guest post for this blog.  Enjoy!   Hashtags, Prayers, and Progressive Fundamentalists: A Lesson from Sister Simone What have fundamentalists to do with prayer? Ever … [Read more...]

Real Things from Fiction

Happy New Year everyone!  I'm doing fine, a bit tired and a lot busy with regular life, which finds me offline more than usual lately.  I'm looking forward to getting back to more blogging in the weeks ahead.  Meanwhile, as often happens in winter, I've been writing fiction.  It's a hobby, and addictive enough I probably need a National Don't Write A Novel Month.  First drafts are my specialty, thanks.In a rare bit of online reading today I came across Brandon Watson's well-timed post at Siri … [Read more...]

Want to Get Paid to Write? The #1 Make-or-Break Skill

People ask me writing questions sometimes. This weekend I was reminded of an essential skill that aspiring or frustrated writers often overlook and that you absolutely must possess if you want to get paid for your writing: The willingness to completely re-write your work.When you write for yourself, you can write whatever you like.When other people are paying you to write, you have to write what they like.The way this works is that either you or your prospective employer makes a p … [Read more...]