Meet-the-Author and Other Fun Writing Events

Catholic Writers Conference registration is still open, and the schedule of events for the conference is here.  As you can see, it's pretty much a wonderland of Catholic writing fun.  I love this conference, and recommend it to anyone interested in writing who is able to attend.  Yet more details, including information on pitch sessions, can be found at the conference main page.I will not be in Chicago, see "recent illness", but my publisher will be.  So you can get all the little purple book … [Read more...]

Why Yes, You *Should* Attend the Catholic Writers Conference this Summer

Over at the Catholic Writers Guild, I share my private correspondence for the good of many.  Because yes, if you're a Catholic writer -- or aspiring Catholic writer -- you really ought to register and attend the Catholic Writers Conference if you can. The Catholic Writers Conference is just two months away now, and you might be wondering, “Should I go to Chicago?  Is it worth it?” You aren’t the only one. From my inbox:So the CWG Live conference. My dear friend and fellow Guild member and I … [Read more...]