Get Young Adults to Join Your Parish in Two Easy Steps, Guaranteed.

The question came up at Sherry Weddell's Intentional Disciples discussion forum: How does one attract and keep "young adults" in the parish?  I've been that young adult and I've spent a fair bit of time talking with the faithful Catholic young adults who don't show up at the St. Moribund's of this world, so I've got a pretty good grasp on the dynamic.  I'm sorry to report the answer is exceedingly simple:1. Be serious about following Jesus.2. Get out of the way.Don't believe me?   … [Read more...]

Ignorant Kids, Slack Parents, Tepid Culture . . . What’s a Catechist to Do?

 We Patheos Catholics received a letter recently from a distressed catechist: The kids don't know a thing about the faith, the parents just want the First Communion party, and everyone seems happy to settle for a platter of American Culture with Catholic Dressing on the Side.Christian LeBlanc ably answers the question of how to teach the last few classes of the year. I'd like to back up and answer the question from a different angle.  Take a deep breath and get a cup of water ready, … [Read more...]