Why is Obedience a Virtue?

Add "Obedience" to the long list of Christian topics I write about but personally stink at.  It's an aspirational faith, and anyway, if my writing does nothing else, it amuses the people who know me in real life.When I first became a parent, the concept that my children should obey me, and that I should teach them to obey me, was utterly foreign.  I knew you wanted the kids to behave well, but I wasn't so sure that I was in my rights insisting on obedience.I bring this up because Eve T … [Read more...]

The Course is for the Student, not the Student for the Course

Teaching tip of the day: If you want your child to improve his proofreading skills, buy a box of these.  Then offer a reward for every typo found in a published work.  Suddenly a teenage boy will get very, very interested in proper grammar and spelling. *** In addition to teaching an editing class this year (until I went on sick leave, anyhow), I also put together a course in Apologetics for Kids.  It didn't work out quite how I planned.  Over at Amazing Catechists, I wrote a short article on h … [Read more...]

Lenten Tactics: Thwarting the Meat Demon

Meat Demon reports to duty at midnight tonight.  He prowls around every Lent, quietly working behind the scenes six days a week so that come Ash Wednesday and all the Fridays, all you can think about is meat, meat, meat. You are not helpless in this fight.  In addition to the grace of God, you also posess the ability to think, plan, and act. 1. Have a cheeseburger on Thursday. Meat demon will try to convince you that you are anemic, wasting away, and cannot possibly survive until Saturday w … [Read more...]