From shame and blame to belonging

From a sermon preached at First Presbyterian Church of Bend, May 29, 2016.There was a book that was incredibly popular when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. It was called Baby Wise.The premise was that all babies should be put on a strict schedule of eating, waking and sleep. It sounded like a winning formula. The baby eats, the baby is awake and then the baby goes to sleep. If the baby cries for a bit, it’s okay. They will quiet down. You could check on them every 15 minutes if yo … [Read more...]

The holy prison of Lent

I spent 5 days on Robben Island in January 2015 where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned between 1964-1982. With me were a group of peacemakers and activists from around the world.  This blog series is a set of reflections on that time. The most dangerous political prisoner on Robben Island was not Nelson Mandela. His name was Robert Sobukwe and he was the founder of the PAC, the Pan Africanist Congress party, which insisted on African solutions to African problems.He was imprisoned on the is … [Read more...]

In the shelter of each other

I spent 5 days with a group of peacemakers and activists from around the world on Robben Island where Nelson Mandela and many others were imprisoned between January 18-22, 2016  This blog series is a set of reflections on that time. The discussion assignment was to tell the others in our group an injustice that we had suffered where forgiveness was needed.In my group, four nations were represented: South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and the United States. Look up the … [Read more...]

Privileged stories

I spent 5 days of Robben Island where Nelson Mandela and many others were imprisoned between January 18-22, 2016 with a group of peacemakers and activists from around the world. This blog series is a set of reflections on that time. If we had come to Robben Island for just an afternoon, the story would have stayed in a neat and tidy box. A walk through the prison, a peek into the lime quarry, a story about a political prisoner considered even more dangerous than Mandela – Robert Sobukwe. Men w … [Read more...]

Reflections from Robben Island

On Friday morning, I woke early, got dressed and went for a walk with my camera in hand as the sun rose. My first stop was an abandoned lime quarry where deer grazed in tufts of grass that have grown up in the last 20 years. They scrambled up the hillside as I stood on the edge of the quarry, not entering its sacred ground.A short walk down the road, I was serenaded by an odd snorting honking noise, which I’ve come to learn is a penguin mating call. Old abandoned buildings were luminescent i … [Read more...]

Welcome to Lent

 I have just returned from 17 days of travel – 12 in Africa and 5 in Amsterdam. And this morning as I awoke through a fog of jet lag and thought about my day, I remembered that Lent begins today.In a professional sense, I’m ready. Before I left, I prepped services and the amazing staff at our church has planned some wonderful Lenten experiences. I’m looking forward to the community pilgrimage for these 40 days.But as for a personal Lent journey, I hadn’t given it a thought until … [Read more...]

Marcus’ Striped Socks

Big time scholar, controversial figure, subject of endless discussions... he showed up last year at First Presbyterian Bend wearing brightly colored striped socks. He scooped up a few cookies and a cup of coffee in the lobby and sat down to talk with two of us who were trying to look as if having THE Marcus Borg in our office was the most normal thing in the world.In seminary, I lobbed my share of critiques at his writing which mostly assumed that he was as I found a few of his followers – lo … [Read more...]

The Pastor in Protest

A couple of years ago I toured the Civil Rights museum in Greensboro, North Carolina where black college students had staged a sit-in at the Woolworth counter in 1960. Hanging in a display cabinet was a black robe, much like the one I wear on Sunday mornings. It belonged to a pastor who was a part of the Civil Rights movement. I looked at it a long time. I’ve never been especially attached to wearing a robe but that day something shifted. In that display case, I felt the responsibility that c … [Read more...]

The Advent of Discontent

It was less than two weeks ago that I turned to my husband and said, “I’m bored with Christmas.” I know that some people wait all year for this season but it takes me time to warm up. In early December, Christmas is a huge hassle. In addition to the obligations and expectations of my family and home, I am a pastor and there are obligations and expectations at work as well. Obligations and expectations are not my best work environment. I prefer to be inspired and invited. A statement of privilege … [Read more...]

Book Response: How to Be a Christian Without Going to Church

As I have looked at the title of this book sitting by my bedside recently, it seems ironic. I spend my days leading church and here’s a book that may just work me out of a job.But if it weren’t for my years not going to church, I wouldn’t be back in church today. My husband spent eleven years outside church, participating in a group that threw off all "churchiness" to be a community of people grounded in following Jesus together without all the distraction and busyness of a traditional churc … [Read more...]