Welcome to Lent


 I have just returned from 17 days of travel – 12 in Africa and 5 in Amsterdam. And this morning as I awoke through a fog of jet lag and thought about my day, I remembered that Lent begins today.In a professional sense, I’m ready. Before I left, I prepped services and the amazing staff at our church has planned some wonderful Lenten experiences. I’m looking forward to the community pilgrimage for these 40 days.But as for a personal Lent journey, I hadn’t given it a thought until … [Read more...]

Solitude in Community

In response to the Patheos Progressive Christian question: What spiritual practices are helpful and/or meaningful to you during Lent?The picture in my mind when I think of spiritual practice is being in a room by myself, going inward, connecting with God, connecting with my soul. Prayer, meditation, spiritual reading. These are solitary activities. Necessary, beautiful solitary activities that provide a powerful counter to our outward-facing world that demands constant engagement and … [Read more...]

A Drama Queen’s Lent

For Lent, I am giving up drama.Chocolate is looking like an easier choice.I recognize this is an unorthodox thing to relinquish and I can’t claim to have chosen this discipline on my own. It came to me from that mysterious space in my soul that I have learned to recognize as the Holy Spirit. And it is rooted in ongoing work with my Enneagram type.If you aren’t familiar with the Enneagram, I would definitely recommend some reading and exploring. Start on this website and then read a bo … [Read more...]