The holy prison of Lent

I spent 5 days on Robben Island in January 2015 where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned between 1964-1982. With me were a group of peacemakers and activists from around the world.  This blog series is a set of reflections on that time. The most dangerous political prisoner on Robben Island was not Nelson Mandela. His name was Robert Sobukwe and he was the founder of the PAC, the Pan Africanist Congress party, which insisted on African solutions to African problems.He was imprisoned on the is … [Read more...]

Welcome to Lent

 I have just returned from 17 days of travel – 12 in Africa and 5 in Amsterdam. And this morning as I awoke through a fog of jet lag and thought about my day, I remembered that Lent begins today.In a professional sense, I’m ready. Before I left, I prepped services and the amazing staff at our church has planned some wonderful Lenten experiences. I’m looking forward to the community pilgrimage for these 40 days.But as for a personal Lent journey, I hadn’t given it a thought until … [Read more...]

Solitude in Community

In response to the Patheos Progressive Christian question: What spiritual practices are helpful and/or meaningful to you during Lent?The picture in my mind when I think of spiritual practice is being in a room by myself, going inward, connecting with God, connecting with my soul. Prayer, meditation, spiritual reading. These are solitary activities. Necessary, beautiful solitary activities that provide a powerful counter to our outward-facing world that demands constant engagement and … [Read more...]

A Drama Queen’s Lent

For Lent, I am giving up drama.Chocolate is looking like an easier choice.I recognize this is an unorthodox thing to relinquish and I can’t claim to have chosen this discipline on my own. It came to me from that mysterious space in my soul that I have learned to recognize as the Holy Spirit. And it is rooted in ongoing work with my Enneagram type.If you aren’t familiar with the Enneagram, I would definitely recommend some reading and exploring. Start on this website and then read a bo … [Read more...]