Presidential Debates and Hackery

Don’t have much to add to tonight’s presidential debate, but let me say this: If any pundit argues Barack Obama won tonight’s debate, mark it down and never pay attention to this person again. [Read more…]

Less Stalker-y Than Usual!

“I want to win.” That’s the subject line of Barack Obama’s latest e-mail in my inbox. I was going to give him some grief about it. However, given my long history of complaints about the stalker-y tone of e-mails from the Obama campaign, this one really isn’t so bad. The president gets a pass, just [Read More…]

Good Old Fashioned Democratic Hate Speech

Why is it that so many literary folks, who have fine judgment when it comes to books, are raving lunatics when they write about politics? Today’s exhibit is Paul Constant, books editor for the Seattle alt weekly The Stranger. His name is an almost (excuse the pun) constant presence on Real Clear Books. But then [Read More…]

The Great Right Wing Freakout

The very old radio in my Subaru has basically two settings: the default and the backup. The default is 102.7 FM, the Peak, a modern rock station out of Vancouver that has a tolerable mix of old standards and new music. The backup is 790 KGMI AM, the local talk station that runs Rush Limbaugh, [Read More…]

Why I’m Voting for Bob Lott

I was at the usual Sunday night thing the other week. A relative newcomer found out that I worked for a sister site to Real Clear Politics. We bantered a bit, then he tried to pin me down politically. “Who are you voting for for president?” he asked. “Bob Lott,” I said. “He’s even got [Read More…]

Obama Should Fire Hillary

International headlines have stacked up an impressive list of horribles for the United States this week. American embassies have been protested and attacked and an ambassador and three others were murdered. Warnings came in and were either ignored or treated as so much noise. Adequate security precautions were not taken. The president shirked most of [Read More…]

Presidential Creepiness, Bipartisan Edition

Your diarist has long complained about the Obama campaign’s creepy sounding e-mails. So it’s only fair to note that I just got two e-mails in a row from Mitt Romney with the subject line “Fly with me.” [Read more…]

Letters From the President

Here are the actual subject lines of two e-mails I received from Barack Obama tonight: Before I take the stage And then after: So… [Read more…]

Choose Your Own Electoral College

Real Clear Politics has this handy choose-your own electoral college map where you can game out the various scenarios. Just plugged in what I consider to be the most likely state-by-state outcomes. Here are the results: Obama-Biden: 264 votes Romney-Ryan: 274 votes In putting this scenario together I used two all-important assumptions to try to [Read More…]

Mormon, Quaker; Potato, Potato Vodka

Yesterday, your diarist wrapped up the first draft of a 7,500-word report. This involved, among other things, getting knee deep in Mitt Romney’s political and policy shifts. Along the way, it occurred to me that Romney is the answer to the question, “What if Nixon didn’t drink?” [Read more…]