50 Shades of Hitler

Trying to understand this Hindenburg-level PR disaster. [Read more…]

Goliath doesn’t stand a chance

Steve Taylor’s back, and he’s taking aim at only the tallest targets. [Read more…]

A Warm Bucket of TV

Yes I just did a Huffington Post Live segment about the Vice Presidents. Had to rush to get home in time and there were numerous technical problems, but, hey, I showed up! If you want to see that, the clip is here. I’m too mortified of the whole experience to go there any time soon. [Read more…]

Passing Sentence on Dredd

There are some annoying things about Dredd. To, wit, the official title seems to be Dredd 3D. I saw the first showing of the version that doesn’t require the funny glasses. However, let me just say this: If they gave out Oscars for acting from the nose down, Karl Urban would be a serious contender. [Read more…]

William S. Burroughs and Bulletpointillism

Last week, I laid out an idea for “a whole new art form” called bulletpointillism. The idea is that you, the artist, make images by firing bullets into a canvas or template in a very controlled manner. The points would paint the picture, so to speak. I had never seen such a thing before and [Read More…]

Don’t See ParaNorman–Q&A

Q: What’s a great way to escape the heat on a hot day? A: Going to a movie. Q: What if the movie is awful? A: Well then you’ve traded one kind of annoyance for another, haven’t you? Q: Stick to answers. A: Fair enough. Q: What is the occasion for this Q&A? A: I [Read More…]

Bourne Legacy Versus… Ted

This weekend, the usual cast of characters drove up just over the border to watch the new Bourne movie at the drive-in in Langley, BC as part of a triple feature. The other two movies after Bourne Legacy were Ted and Savages. Savages came on way past our bedtimes, so that left Bourne and Ted. [Read More…]

Way Better Than the Veggie Tales Version

This energetic retelling of Jonah is a year old, so I assume somebody on Patheos has posted it by now. It would be pretty hard to host the conversation on faith and not take note of little Mary Margaret Douglas’s interpretation of the biggest fish story of all time. But it’s new to me, and [Read More…]

A Plea for Aurora Shooting Victims

How many people cringed when they read this headline in USA Today? “Civil Lawsuits Inevitable in Colorado Shootings, Lawyers Say” [Read more…]

Unmagic Mike

Show of hands: How many people think Magic Mike represents the end of Channing Tatum’s serious acting career? That’s my bet, though perhaps audiences will prove more forgiving of stripper roles for men than for women. [Read more…]