Shorts Weather, RIP?

I woke up in Lynden this morning staring out into a fog bank but determined to wear shorts for at least one more day before I put them away for a while. The fog won. The weather has been so nice lately that we still may get a few more days of shorts weather before that becomes no longer workable, but then again maybe not. Very sad.

plaid shorts

Kayser Family: Pride of Lynden

My friend Scott Kayser and family have been the talk of the town this week, and then some. The other day, I got breakfast at a coffee shop in nearby Everson. One of the regulars was said to be running late because he was at home watching Family Feud.

This wasn’t a regular thing for him. He stayed home to watch because some locals, the Kaysers, went on Family Feud and kept winning. The show was taped well in advance but they were contractually bound to silence about its outcome, so a lot of people rearranged their schedules or played hookey to find out.

Well, now we know that they went all the way. They won a big cash prize and a new car, though Scott informed me that they took the cash value of the car because “it’s hard to split a car five ways.” Survey says: He’s right about that.

Homeless People Really Like Milk…

… and third helpings. These were among the lessons that your diarist picked up tonight helping to man the “soup” kitchen at First Baptist in downtown Bellingham. Mum had this idea that what the world really needed was for the Lott family to make the meal for one of these regular Tuesday night dinners and help serve it.

She threatened to turn on the water works if we didn’t go along, so it’s hard to make the case that this was entirely consensual on our parts. Mothers’ tear ducts are like loaded weapons, I say.

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If It’s Bad for Seattle…

Your diarist is in the People’s Republic of Seattle today. Hitched a ride with a friend and the plan is to stick around for Real Clear Science editor Alex Berezow’s talk about his new book Science Left Behind and hitch another ride back to Lynden tomorrow.

I say “the plan is to” because there’s a big protest by Occupiers coming up later today and who knows what it will disrupt. My motto for Washington state politics is, “If it’s bad for Seattle, it’s good for the rest of us.” But that doesn’t work while I’m in Seattle.

Pizza by the Pound

Here’s a picture from the newly opened Goat Mountain Pizza in Bellingham. The place is tasty and has decent beer, though it’s a little odd.

The weirdest bit is, during the day they sell pizza by weight. There are three blocks of uncooked pizza of different types. You pick the kind you want and the guy behind the counter scissors off a square and weighs it and then cooks it.

Goat Mountain is right by the Dem campaign headquarters and also a local liberal interest. By chance, I noticed Lauren, the campaign campaign manager of Matt Krogh, who is running against my landlord, Republican state rep Vince Buys, and waved to her.

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Swineheart Brewery

Your diarist bought this inspirational painting of a drunk pig at Lynden’s pho restaurant.

Suffer the Little Children

In another sign of the creeping Orszagization of America, today is the first day of school for kids in Lynden and I think the rest of Whatcom County as well. How awful is that — to be dragged back into school before Labor Day. Put me down on record as thinking this is cruel and unusual punishment. The Supreme Court should rule against it. Though with our luck John Roberts would side with the liberals on the Court and say that the earlier start time is a tax and thus constitutional.