View From My Hammock

Yes, that is a cornfield over the back fence. Some Sunday night this month, a friend is going to put his portable but massive movie screen with projector in place and we’re going to watch Children of the Corn in front of all those ears. Pretty sure Stephen King would approve. [Read more…]

Blisters, Banners and Bribes

Due to an embarrassing foot injury, the plan for Saturday had been to take it easy. Instead, I found myself marching for miles, holding up one end of a candidate’s banner in the Birch Bay parade. The joke after was that I could now add “mediocre banner carrier” to my resume, and that was being [Read More…]

Only in Bellingham

Why, yes, that is a Mazda Miata towing a large, recently used dirt bike with a Jack-in-the-Box in the background. [Read more…]

Saturday Night Dead

For over a decade, my fair state had its own version of Saturday Night Live. It was called Almost Live! and oh how I miss it. To play you out for the week, here’s one of my favorite bits from it called “Folk Songs of the Slightly Inebriated.” [Read more…]

Clothes Make the (Lawnmower) Man

When folks observe your humble blogger pushing the new Troy-Bilt bad boy over the lawn of the palatial parental estate, they are no doubt tempted to ask, “Jeremy, how do you mow so well? Such speed, such precision, how do you do it?” If they ever suppress their awe long enough to pose the question, [Read More…]

Hey Wisconsin Dems, I Feel Your Pain

Washington state Republicans and fellow independents have a pretty good idea how bad Wisconsin Democrats are feeling today after their bid to recall Governor Scott Walker came up snake eyes. We know because we’ve been there. In 2004, Republican Dino Rossi won the governorship of our great state only to have it clawed back from [Read More…]

Californians: Do Not Read This

Today: I woke absurdly early this morning in Lynden, Washington and decided to go for a walk and get breakfast at Dutch Treat. There was a slight chill in the air at 6:20, it had rained recently and the sun was still fighting with the cloud cover. In all likelihood, it would rain again. Did [Read More…]