Wah Wah Wah Economy

I don’t know why so many people are complaining about President Obama’s management of the economy. According to our best available indicators, America’s black market is booming. What more do you want, bank accounts, credit, 30-year mortgages? I mean, really people! Aren’t those pretty much the things that got us into this mess in the first place? What a bunch of ingrates!


That was my attempt to mix talk radio with chic ironic bitterness. How’d it go down for you? More seriously, I did a piece for Politix last week arguing that the informal economy (what I would call the black market, but there are other terms for it) is growing by leaps and bounds. Do please give it a read, even if you didn’t like my experiment above.

Pillow Talk

This question is open to anyone who wants to answer it, but I think the ladies will have the real insight here: What is with all the pillows on the bed? Who decided that looks good, and why? I honestly do not understand, and would like understanding.


Candy for the Fox News Crowd

In this era of ideological niche marketing, somebody should launch a conservative candy line called Now or Later, to remind the kids about scarcity, tradeoffs, and the fact that their parents aren’t made of money.

Fast Food of the Future

Not sure whether to file this one under a bucking-the-trend story or slightly ahead of the curve.

Food carts are everywhere these days. Three taco trucks have even found their way to Lynden this summer. Also ever-present are stories about regulators harassing food carts at the behest of local restaurants that don’t want the leaner competition.

Last night, as I was about to cross the street to go to the Bellinham Bells game, I saw this:

Taco Time, for folks back East, is fast food taco chain concentrated in the Pacific Northwest. Taco Time is upscale compared to Taco Bell and the service is generally a whole lot better, but it’s nothing fancy.

The funky design of the Taco Time Traveler truck, coupled with the fact that this is a novelty coming from an actual restaurant, bade me stop and take a picture. I did not expect I’d be patronizing the cart, but they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Take this delicious taco, free:

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Enter Napping

It took a bit of doing and some help but I finally got the hammock up today. Since it is my first hammock, I decided to go big. The thing is solid. It has a heavy frame, wheels, etc. and can carry 400 pounds.

Lowe’s would have assembled it for $10, which would have been well worth it. But then I would have had to transport it, and good luck with that. It was hard enough just to move the box.

But I digress. It’s done now and so I shall return shortly to blogging… from the hammock.