Sock It to Me

A lot of ideas have been kicked around for the ingredient that changes a mere house into a home. Many of these are cliches — home is where the heart is; home is where you hang your hat; etc. — but the tranformative difference I’ve always subscribed to was: home is where you lose socks [Read More…]

I Got to Second Base!

The Bellingham Bells lost last night to the Wenatchee AppleSox — yes, seriously, they’re called the AppleSox — in the third game of a three game, elimination series. That means they won’t be playing for the league championship this weekend. With the Bells done and my dad and kid brother’s team over for the year, [Read More…]

Hells Bells

The Bellingham Bells baseball game last night was highly contentious and a little bit tragic. The Bells overtook the Walla Walla Sweets’ early lead, then fell apart. Both the coach and the starting pitcher got tossed for yelling at the umps over bad calls. The Bells almost but didn’t quite manage a 9th inning attempt [Read More…]

Plenty of Joy in Mudville

Here’s a picture of the postgame prayer after the last game of the season for my father and kid brother’s Sunrise Baptist softball team. Dad, praying, is indicated with a halo below, and an arrow points to the kid. For beer leaguers and those of you who’ve never been to a church league game, that’s [Read More…]

I Am Surrounded by Democrats

I’m at Chuckanut Brewery tonight with the local Democrats waiting for the primary election returns to come in. Why Democrats? Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. 7:06: Your diarist rolls in with the silver Subaru sedan and a sign at the brewery says “Welcome Democrats.” Signs for all the local races [Read More…]

If I Had a Hammock

You know, it’s possible I just managed to capture the whole of my politics in a single parody blog title. The “hammer” of “If I Had a Hammer” was Pete Seeger’s 1949 tribute to those members of the Communist Party USA who were on trial for advocating the overthrow of the US government. Here are [Read More…]

My Higher Education Bubble

In this review of Glenn Reynolds’s The Higher Education Bubble, I had to slap my own hand every time the urge to write some of my own college experiences into it surfaced. There was just no way to do that and get it in under the word limit. High school was a problem, you could [Read More…]

The Blind Kid Did It

This is my favorite piece that friend and onetime roommate W. James “Jim” Antle III ever wrote for the American Spectator. It’s a remembrance of his friend Mike Kosior, who died unexpectedly last week at 38. Mike was blind from birth. The two met while they both worked at a Boston-based marketing company. There, Jim [Read More…]

Was It Something I Said?

[Read more…]

Oh Royal Tannenbaum

Tonight I am going to a book reading/signing in Bellingham by Kaya Oakes, author most recently of Radical Reinvention: An Unlikely Return to the Catholic Church. This diary discussed the book Sunday in part to make things a little easier in case a review is in the offing, which is likely. Being a reviewer is [Read More…]