Holy Hypocrisy, Batman

How many of you are excited about the new Batman movie this week? I’m getting there. Wasn’t sure I’d see the first showing but then I found myself Saturday night watching The Dark Knight in a friend’s backyard. He has a whole projector set-up and so we disassembled it in his basement and put it [Read More…]

Don’t Fence Me In?

I have a moral dilemma that involves grass — the legal kind. My Dad’s knees are not good, so I mow the grass at my parents’ place every week during the growing season. Actually, that’s not the whole truth of it. Better to say that Dad’s knees are bad and I used that as an [Read More…]

Agnostic Dyslexic Insomnia

The old joke goes: What did the agnostic dyslexic insomniac do? Answer: He stayed up all night wondering if there really was a dog. Tonight, as with so many past nights, my brain is on fire. This makes sleep a problem. Before I reach for a stiff drink to put the fire out, it is [Read More…]

White Men Still Can’t Jump

Remember the other week when I wrote of my crushing defeat at the hands of a 12-year-old? Well, this just happened. On to 350, then 400. [Read more…]

Bunt Instruments

“I want to kill that coach!” That’s what the normally good natured Bob Lott, father of this diarist and a life-long baseball/softball coach, growled near the end of last night’s Bellingham Bells game. The boiling point was bunts. The Bells, our local West Coast League baseball team, are obsessive about bunting to advance the runner. [Read More…]

Pretty, Pretty Gunpowder

Aaaaaaaand that’s enough out of this diary for today. Time for friends, family, food and fireworks. Happy Fourth of July to one and all. [Read more…]

Damn John [Roberts]!

Palpable conservative anger at John Roberts over the Obamacare ruling reminded me of something out of US History 101. John Jay, our first Supreme Court Chief Justice, turns out not to have been a terribly well liked guy either. While serving on the court, Jay negotiated a treaty with Britain that… proved unpopular. It inspired [Read More…]

He Shoots, He Scores, He Gets Beat by a 12-Year-Old

Took this picture at Milt’s Pizza in Lynden Tuesday. It documents my highest score ever in one of those basketball hoop shooting games — the kind that let you throw at a stationary hoop for the first round and then move the basket from side to side for later, shorter rounds. You have to score [Read More…]

Deadwood and Dying

Man, the Deadwood mini-marathon tonight got awkward. Friends first took great efforts coax me out of a chair onto the couch. They then remarked that I looked tired and uncomfortable and was something the matter, Jeremy? Instead of walking them through the long answer, I kicked up my feet on the coffee table, made a [Read More…]

David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Commencement

Looking for a gift for a friend, I tripped over a small booklet by novelist David Foster Wallace titled This Is Water. I’m quite late to the game here. The volume is an only slightly cleaned up transcript of a commencement address Wallace delivered to Kenyon College in 2005 and “went viral” on the Internet [Read More…]