How Would You Caption This Photo?

I’ll give you the picture, of my new niece Laney, and then my brother Andrew’s caption after the jump. Spoiler alert: I think it’s pretty good. [Read more…]

Dr. Strangedeath

It’s hard to tell for sure about these things and perhaps if someone was waving a gun in my face it would be different, but I am not moved by a great fear of death. The early exit sign has flashed a few times to little effect. Take a typical example: two months ago in [Read More…]

Why Groomzillas Are Rare

Tucked into that Wellesley High School commencement speech/epic rant that people are talking about today — let’s call it the “you’re nothing special” speech –is a mini rant about weddings. English teacher David McCullough Jr. called commencement “life’s great forward-looking ceremony” and contrasted commencements with weddings, which are “one-sided and insufficiently effective.” “Weddings,” explained McCullough, [Read More…]

Good News of Great Joy

Very few people remember where they were on this day in 1989, but I’ve got a pretty good recollection. I was in Tacoma, in the big family house on 42nd Street. I woke up along with my younger brother Andrew. Our parents were not there. Instead, a friend of my mother’s had come. She told [Read More…]

Hail to Nat Hentoff

This weekend I did the heavy lifting for both Real Clear Books and Real Clear Religion, the latter so that RCR deputy Nick Hahn could celebrate his latest birthday in relative peace. When Mark Judge sent in a column celebrating the great critic Nat Hentoff of course I led with it. Judge argues that Hentoff [Read More…]

Yes, That Dress Does Make You Look Fat

There are certain questions that guys can answer honestly at only great peril. The most famous example of this is when your girlfriend or wife asks, “Honey, does this dress make me look fat?” That is not a question, it is a trap and you had better lie and lie convincingly if you prefer your [Read More…]

Sean Higgins’s Grandfather, RIP

The logo for Jeremy Lott’s Diary is modeled on the logo for a stand-alone blog that I once owned and sort of operated. I say “sort of” because, at my request, a friend named Sean Higgins took it over. He did all of the posting there for years. This created problems for Sean. People were [Read More…]

Officer, I’d Like to Report a… Bookjacking

Let me preface this story by saying it has a happy but puzzling ending. I got bookjacked last night. It was about 9 o’clock in the parking lot of Bellis Fair Mall. The book was Paul Fussell’s The Great War and Modern Memory. I had just bought it at the local Barnes & Noble along [Read More…]