50 Shades of Hitler

Trying to understand this Hindenburg-level PR disaster. [Read more…]

Tina Brown Didn’t Kill Newsweek

With today’s news that Newsweek will officially quit printing at the end of the year, many many critics will pile on to editor Tina Brown, blaming her for the newsweekly’s demise. And make no mistake, this is a demise. The Daily Beast, which predates and is different from Newsweek, is the Internet face of that [Read More…]

USA! Racists!

Harper’s should just give up on covering Republican conventions. It really has no idea how to do it without looking incredibly stupid. [Read more…]

Shooting Journalists in a Barrel

Yahoo! Sports seriously poses the following question: “[W]hy is the U.S. so dominant in the sport over the last several years?” [Read more…]

How to Kill Creationism

In this Splice Today essay, Noah Berlatsky concocts a multiple-choice test: Adam was married to (A) Eve (B) Steve (C) a dinosaur (D) a platypus He proposes — somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I think — that the best way to finish off creationism “as a viable public ideology” would be to “make it a nationwide curricular requirement.” [Read More…]

Fact Checking the Fact Checker

The Washington Post‘s Fact Checker Glenn Kessler has responded to my last post in comments. That was rather sporting of him, but I’m still not certain he grasps what his critics are trying to say. Kessler commented: Fyi, you misunderstand my role. I fact check statements by politicians. There is more than enough for me [Read More…]

Fact Checker Flashback

Glenn Kessler, who writes the Fact Checker blog and column for the Washington Post, has got himself into a bit of a jalapeno. Sean Higgins’s title pretty much sums it up here: “Washington Post Fact Checker: I Don’t Fact Check Our Own Writers.” The stated reason Kessler won’t fact check his own paper “despite the [Read More…]

Rhymes With Spigotry

Well, rats. The plan was to cut and paste a definition of “bigotry” from a dictionary here and to urge readers to keep that in mind in this highly politicized year. I had thought Merriam-Webster would do. However, that dictionary has decided to take a pass. “Bigotry,” according to Webster, is a) “the state of [Read More…]

Hey New Republic, Get Your Act Together

The great critic and historian Paul Fussell died yesterday. Real Clear Books linked to three Fussell-related items today and our competition, Arts & Letters Daily, linked to an obituary. What has the New Republic done? Certainly nothing that I can find. Nothing so far on the front page. TNR‘s books page, which often republishes old [Read More…]