I Really Need to Start Blogging Again

Probably should have put up a “gone fishin” sign so, sorry about that folks. The elections ground me down to the point that I needed to take a break.

It wasn’t so much the result that got me as the whole political ordeal. My God I hate politics, even as I find it fascinating. I hate how much time politics takes up. I hate what politics does to people. I hate how it warps our perceptions of truth and justice and even art.

So this is necessarily going to be a less political blog for a bit, even as I occasionally link to my political pieces here. Hard to say exactly what form this will take but it will probably involve a bit more about my first love, books.

Notes on the John Allison Story

1. Jeremy Lott’s Diary received a long response from someone close to the Ayn Rand Institute who has requested anonymity. I have decided to grant that and give my informant the codename Deep Galt — purely because the name amuses me.

2. The first communique from Deep Galt will be spooled out here over the next few days, starting in an hour or so.

3. Some folks assume I have an axe to grind with John Allison. Not so. Just read the first of two things I wrote about the man and you’ll see that I actually had a favorable impression of him. I simply want to know what he had to say to a roomful of Ayn Rand devotees, because the reports I have been able to find contradict what he had to say to the folks at Cato in ways that could lead to serious conflicts once he takes over as president.

Who Is Deep Galt?

Question: What would be a good codename for an Objectivist mole? Right now I’m thinking of going with Deep Galt, but open to suggestions.

I’m Huge in Japan

Let me draw your attention to two Jeremy Lott’s Diary media hits this week because 1) self-promotion! and 2) the articles are by journalists I both like and respect.

The most recent ran today in Politix, a project of Topix, by new editor-in-chief David Mark. Mark was previously editor of a bunch of stuff including Campaigns & Elections, the Politico op-ed page and The Arena.

In a riff on my Rick Warren post, Mark highlighted something that I didn’t think would get as much attention as it has. I said incivility was not really Warren’s concern and then moved on to spell out his real concern: the Obama administration’s somewhat cavalier attitude toward religious liberty.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Warren certainly objects to incivility. Who doesn’t? Yet if that was his only objection it is highly doubtful that we would be writing about a cancelled forum.

The other piece to bring to your attention is by The Observer‘s Paul Harris about Mormons in America.

It’s a meaty article. Harris told me he didn’t have a lot of fixed notions going into it and so he did some good old fashioned journalism. He talked to a bunch of people with differing viewpoints — far more than just the usual liberal-conservative divide of the New York Times template — and, so far as I can tell, represented them accurately.

My favorite small observation, highlighted below, comes when Harris is interviewing Connor Boyack, a libertarian Mormon in Utah who doesn’t want to jump on the Mittwagon:

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Jeremy Lott’s Diary’s Fascist Comments Policy

Boy your diarist loves reader comments, especially the ones that are long and/or insulting. Most entertaining of all is the bit where they get deposited in the trash bin, unread by the masses.

It has been a while since I reminded folks of the fascist comments policy of Jeremy Lott’s Diary. Here are the ground rules:

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Is Twitterpated the Right Word?

All you kids with your hip hop music and your social media, I tell you…

The powers that be at Patheos strongly encouraged me to expand this diary’s social media presence. I held out until fellow bearded ginger Catholic and Washingtonian Mark Shea pointed me to a service he uses to update both Facebook and Twitter without lifting a finger.

It’s called Deliver It (website here) and I highly recommend this service for those folks who are really into the Fourth Deadly Sin of sloth.

So if you want me to lead you on Twitter, dear reader, sign up for that here: https://twitter.com/jeremylottdiary

If you want to friend me on Facebook and get your updates there, this is the URL: http://facebook.com/jeremy.lott

Or you could just go old school: bookmark this site and check it regularly. That works too.

Mic Check Heard Round the World

This is a test of the emergency publicity system. It is only a test. Were this a real PR Emergency, we would begin bombing Russia in five minutes. But like I said, this is only a test, so the Russian army can stand down.

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