How to Make Tomorrow Less Insane

The Supreme Court is scheduled to deliver its Obamacare decision Thursday. Getting to the meat of that decision, and all of its implications for the future of this country, is going to be harder than it sounds. It will be hard because of all the human static. People who only half know what they’re talking [Read More…]

Move Over, Fat Tuesday

Friday is National Donut Day. I saw this advertised at the local supermarket Food Pavilion and assumed it was just a tasty ruse to get more customers through the door by bribing them with free donuts and coffee. But it turns out, no, National Donut day is a real thing. It even has a website, [Read More…]

Blog Comments Policy, or Rules for That Knife Fight

One of the things I did not expect when we set up this blog was, I have to approve all comments. This presents a dilemma because it means a) reading said comments and b) approving them. This is normally the point at which a blogger encourages civility; reminds you that it is his, her or [Read More…]