Hey Mormons, Help a Guy Out

As part of a long commissioned piece that I am currently writing, I use a joke. Would any Mormon Jeremy Lott’s Diary readers please let me know if the highlighted part in the first sentence is correct. Bonus: If you read all the way to the end of the joke, I may have improved the [Read More…]

Three Candidates for “Life Verse”*

1. John 8:32: “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” 2. Mark 9:24b: “Lord I believe, help thou my unbelief.” 3. Psalm 137:9: “Blessed is he who seizes the Babylonian baby and dashes it against the rocks.” [Read more…]

Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Campaign

Don’t let Rick Warren’s diplomatic words give you the wrong idea. He didn’t cancel his planned Saddleback presidential forum — a reprisal of the of the Obama-McCain forum four years ago — because he was fed up with the “irresponsible personal attacks, mean-spirited slander, and flat-out dishonest attack ads” of both parties. No, Warren the [Read More…]

Pastors Are Natural Lawbreakers

If time allows, I may have much more to say about this sermon preached by Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll that Real Clear Religion linked to this morning. But for now let me just observe, from the point of view of a pastor’s kid, that pastors are natural lawbreakers. [Read more…]

All Columbined Out

“What We Write About When We Can’t Write About Anything Else,” was the title of a very meta take on the James Holmes shootings in the Atlantic. Author Jen Doll claims to speak for “writers on the Internet” and their need — our need, I suppose — to find something to say in the wake [Read More…]

My Life as God’s Punchline

Those readers who have been praying to God about my recent heart troubles can now devote their efforts to some far more worthy cause. After several weeks worth of tests, doctors haven’t found any structural damage to it. The only odd thing they detected was a number of what are called “premature ventricular contractions.” It’s [Read More…]

Politician Don’t Preach

To go by some responses to my latest American Spectator dispatch, you’d think I was calling for a new secular inquisition to purge all religion from politics. Thank God a good number of readers see that interpretation for the Guinness Book of World Records-winning stretch that it is. Like most Americans, I am comfortable with [Read More…]

Misunderestimating Mormonism

This is one of those times where one probably ought to announce one’s biases up front so as to avoid any misunderstanding: I do not believe Mormonism to be metaphysically true because I accept a different and competing set of metaphysical truths. While I cannot claim to have given the Latter-Day religion every possible consideration, [Read More…]

Lotts of Love on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is terribly hard for some people because they never grew up with a father, or because the one they got was not so good. Maybe he was angry and abusive or maybe he just wasn’t around much for some reason. Empathy isn’t my bag, so let me just say to readers without a [Read More…]

Dilly Dilemma

If they do not have Dairy Queen butterscotch dilly bars in hell, I do believe I shall not go. [Read more…]