In Case I Lose That Bet

Where — besides sex shops, hopefully — may one go to find an edible hat? Fruit-flavored would probably be best. [Read more…]

Libertarian Entomology Humor

The lesser of two weevils is still weevil. [Read more…]

Cult of the Holy Dollar

Conservatives/libertarians/businessmen are often accused of “worshiping money.” It’s not literally true, of course. You don’t see people bowing toward Wall Street several times a day or treating the local banks with reverence or even usually bathing in their money a la Scrooge McDuck. But just imagine if people did worship money! We could make the [Read More…]

Take That, Victoria Secret!

About to put my thumb out and hitch a ride back north. Before I go, dear reader, let me share an idea that came to me yesterday: Somebody should start up an undergarment store and call it Pomp & Underpants. [Read more…]

Move Over, Scripture Mints

So what do you think of the new line of theological candies called Nouwen Laters? [Read more…]

From Russia–Hopefully With Love

I’m a little reluctant to open this package… [Read more…]

Modest English Usage

I was shocked recently to learn that housesitting involves a whole lot more than sitting around said house. So does babysitting, for that matter. In fact, some folks actually discourage sitting on babies. Something new every day, huh? [Read more…]

Math Humor, Squared

Be there or be a rectangle with two adjacent sides of equal length. [Read more…]

Darn You to Heck, Zach Galifianakis

Coming back from the Bellingham Bells game last night, I stopped at the usual cheap gas store on the Hannegan and the East Indian guy behind the counter again commented that I look like “that guy.” You know, the one from the movies. “Zach Galifianakis,” I said, again. “Yeah, the guy from Due Date,” he [Read More…]

Jeremy Lott’s Diary Has Jumped the Shark

Q: What would the A-Team be called if The Fonz replaced Hannibal? [Read more…]