This One’s for You, Statler and Waldorf

Q: What does Fozzy the Bear do for exercise? [Read more…]

Your Moment of Zen

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Wine Snob Diss

How Merlot can you go? [Read more…]

Rejected Slogan for Pusser’s British Navy Rum

Almost made sodomy and the lash worth it. [Read more…]

View of My Fridge

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Olympic Moment

How many people saw Rowan Atkinson at the opening festivities in London and thought, “What a has-bean”? [Read more…]

Listerine Can Breathe Easy

Imagine, if you dare, the sales bonanza a certain mouthwash company would have enjoyed in 2008 if it had only touted “The Audacity of Scope.” [Read more…]

Neocon Humor, Harry Caray Edition*

If the moon was made of ribs, would you invade it? [Read more…]

Theodicy and Grass Skirts

How could a just and loving God deprive me of an all-expenses-paid vacation to Hawaii? [Read more…]

Lolprez Update

Ask and ye shall receive. From I Can Has Cheezburger, behold an anti-Obama lolcat: [Read more…]