Mountain Goats Are Back!

Great news! The Mountain Goats have a new album “Transcendental Youth,” official release date October 2. You can preview pretty much the whole album right here. While I struggle to pick out a favorite, here’s one of the singles, “Cry for Judas”: [Read more…]

What Happened to Randy Newman?

Veteran musician Randy Newman has just released the new satirical song “I’m Dreaming (of a White President)” that has your diarist, frankly, baffled beyond belief. It’s terrible. Newman sets out to mock a certain kind of nostalgic white American chauvinism and then rabbittrails off into an explanation for what happened to all the would-have-been African [Read More…]

Cletus Save Us

Forgot to spin up a song for you yesterday, dear reader. Well how about this, then: Tim Hawkins doing one of the finest parody bits of all time. He listened to that insufferable standard on Christian radio, “Jesus Take the Wheel” and transformed it into “Cletus Take the Reel”! [Read more…]

Bob Dylan Beats Youth, Innocence and a Bad Haircut

To play you out for the week, here is Bob Dylan’s very funny and very true new music video for the song “Duquesne Whistle” (pronounced “dew cane” whistle). Because of a few of the lyrics (“I can hear a sweet voice gently calling / Must be the mother of our Lord”), I assume it’s meant [Read More…]

What I Told You / Wasn’t True

Here is Olu Dara doing a very long live multilingual version of “Your Lips (Are Juicy).” It’s not in any wise bad but he did a much shorter, better English version that I cannot find online. Anybody have a line on that? [Read more…]

Oh Dear Johnny I’ll Miss You

To play you out for the week, dear reader, here is Pomplamoose performing “Bust Your Knee Caps.” It’s a song about a jilted lover who happens to be part of a “small family business.” She doesn’t take it so well. [Read more…]

Man on the Moon

Anybody know if a reporter ever put the question to Neil Armstrong, “What did you think of that R.E.M. song?” And if not, why not? [Read more…]

Ridiculously Retro

OK, I’m going to cross my fingers and hope this works. The Believer‘s new music issue is a serious experiment in the limits of retro. How serious, you might wonder. So retro that the music comes to us by way of a cassette tape. Fortunately, my silver Subaru sedan must be the last vehicle in [Read More…]

My Kind of Wrath

Doing research for an article on the YouTube today, I came across this recording of “Requiem Mass in D Minor,” Mozart’s take on the Dies Irae (“Day of Wrath”). Judgment never sounded so stirring. [Read more…]

Play It, Gothard Girls

To play you out for the week, here are the Gothard Sisters singing “Scarborough Fair.” You’ll hear more on this score because I interviewed them yesterday. At one point, they had me non-maliciously waving one hand around in the air like kids used to do in middle school to mock the students on the short [Read More…]