Rainy Tuesday Morning Blues

Last night, as I was driving back from the Monday night softball double-header/mudfight, an unfamiliar, beautiful song came in over the radio. I didn’t catch the title or the artist, so it took a bit of tracking down. (Thank God for The Peak’s 12-hour playlist.) Finally determined that it was “Lost in the Light” by [Read More…]

Black Keys to Happiness

Here are the Black Keys singing “Everlasting Light” to play you out for the week, dear readers. I go back-and-forth over whether or not this song is religious. The answer hinges on who the “me” is that’s supposed to be singing. My theory is, they smuggled a song about God in under cover of “baby [Read More…]

The Lord Liked Us Better Then

At some point, I am going to write a great big essay on the genius, influence and tragedy of Steve Taylor, perhaps the best thing the Contemporary Christian Music genre ever (accidentally) gave us. But this morning, I’ll settle for some old time, easy listening. [Read more…]

So Good It’s Worth the Kidnapping

To play you out for the week, I decided on the Mountain Goats’ “This Year.” The chorus — “I am gonna make it / through this year/ if it kills me” — is pitch perfect and the music video simply has to be seen. [Read more…]

Guess I Take After My Mother

Since it’s unexpectedly turning into Spiritual Saturday here on Jeremy Lott’s Diary, let me commend to you a song. As the person who posted it to YouTube wrote, “[Here’s] City and Colour’s ‘The Grand Optimist’ from Little Hell.” Note, however, that you’ll want to check the lyrics on that page against the vocals of Dallas [Read More…]