50 Shades of Hitler

Trying to understand this Hindenburg-level PR disaster. [Read more…]

Why Republicans Need Grunge

Dan Matthews is the longshot challenger of Washington state congressman Rick Larsen. He’s just cut his first ad titled “Drinking Away the Deficit” capitalizing on the low-grade scandal that erupted this year when it came out that Larsen’s staffers had loose Twitter lips. Here’s the video (more comments below): Spot the problem? [Read more…]

Once More Around the Sun

On days like this I like to remind myself that age is just a number — an ever-growing, horrifying number. [Read more…]

I Owe My Guardian Angel a Beer

Your diarist pulled the Subaru off Sunset Drive in Bellingham today followed by a cop car with the lights flashing and the siren sirening. The gray matter started totting up an estimate of how much this ticket was going to cost, and what that would do to insurance. The officer peeled out of the east-going [Read More…]

Margie Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

True story: The other day, I got two calls from the same 800 number in about an hour. Normally, it’s best not to answer calls from unfamiliar numbers but this one was more persistent than most, so I picked up the second time. The person at the other end of the line, who spoke in [Read More…]

Lawnmower(proof) Man

The lawnmower blade pictured below tried to kill your diarist the other day. I was driving up Northwest road just above Bakerview when — pow! — there was a serious commotion with my front right tire followed by a curious metallic clanging sound. Thought I might have blown it or done something worse, so I [Read More…]

Hey Google, Don’t Be Evil

So I just typed “Republicans” into Google. The autofill suggested … are the problem … for Obama … for Voldermort [Read more…]

My Thoughts on Rapegate

Your diarist was not shocked to hear Missouri senatorial candidate Todd Akin’s thoughts on rape and conception that sprang from a question on abortion. Akin, who is against legal abortion, was asked, OK, what about pregnancies that result from rape? He said that such pregnancies are “really rare.” He explained that in cases of “legitimate [Read More…]

Where Is God When It Hurts?

And by “it,” I mean the toe I stubbed just now. How could a good and loving God allow me to go through this agony alone? [Read more…]

Message You Never Want to Hear From Your Boss

“You are a failure at calling people back — and at life.” [Read more…]