You Can Pry That Plastic Bag From My Cold, Dead Etc.

Bellingham is one of the latest cities to ban plastic bags for businesses to wrap our purchases in. A lot of people find this highly annoying. One sign in nearby Ferndale says, “Buy local. We still have plastic bags.” The ban is relevant because I was shopping today with some friends at a store in [Read More…]

I Really Am Out to Get Me

As a level-headed narcissistic American I believe in only one great conspiracy theory: the vast and all-encompassing conspiracy to piss me off. And some days, I am in on that conspiracy. [Read more…]

Oh It Burns, It Burns

“Bellingham Bell[e]s, is that a girls team?” asked a friend in town for the weekend. [Read more…]

Badminton to the Bone–or, A Shuttlecock and Bull Story

Those were the two titles that occurred to me regarding news that (count ’em) eight badminton players have been disqualified from the Olympics for trying to throw early matches in order to draw weaker opponents in later rounds. I am frankly appalled and outraged to learn that badminton… [Read more…]

Theodicy and SPF 50*

How can a just and loving God have allowed the sun to burn me this badly? [Read more…]

Wedgie Time for Peter Orszag?

Did anybody else read this anti-summer break piece by Peter Orszag and feel the urge to give the author a tremendous wedgie? The question is posed semi-seriously because I wonder if I’m reading this piece too much through the lens of someone who followed Orszag’s shaping of and advocacy for Obamacare and found it contemptible. [Read More…]

Topless Theodicy

D. Keith Mano is not well remembered today (even though, last I checked, he was still alive). He was at one time a columnist for National Review and a novelist with real talent and comic timing. Here’s a bit from my favorite scene he ever wrote. The novel is novel Topless. The narrator is Fr. [Read More…]

Not an Intentional Airplane! Joke

Boy, I picked the wrong day to have electrodes strapped to my chest. [Read more…]

Politics Survives–Also, Irony

Well how about that? John Roberts, the justice that George W. Bush appointed and elevated to Supreme Court Chief Justice, effectively just saved Obamacare. (For now!) And Anthony Kennedy, the judge that most people were worried would go soft on this one, was the justice who ended up reading for the dissent. He formed part [Read More…]

Better Safeway Than Sorry

“Did you show them your beard?” That’s what Real Clear Science editor Alex Berezow wanted to know after he learned I’d been carded at the Lynden Safeway. What happened was I went shopping for a few groceries this evening and snagged two beers on the way to checkout. The checkout girl asked to see my [Read More…]