Failure of Moderation

Comments come into this site on an irregular basis. Usually, I’m around to approve or reject them not long after they are submitted, or I can approve the one or two stand-alone comments several hours after the fact. Today, however, was different. A bunch of comments came in on the Carrie Sheffield Mormon brouhahahahahaha! I [Read More…]

Philip Jenkins, Meet Adam Sandler

I would like to offer my fellow Patheos blogger Philip Jenkins a bit of unsolicited but highly necessary audio-visual advice: Philip, the next time you feel compelled to write a post like this one, consider appending this video to really drive the point home: [Read more…]

Broke With Envy

On Real Clear Books today, I linked to Jessa Crispin’s latest literary advice column, on the subject of envy. Jessa counsels the married friend of a jealous single woman that being there for her will be “like trying to hug a crocodile: It might need the affection, and even be desperate for it, but it’s [Read More…]

Take That, Mark Zuckerberg!

Analysts are throwing around all kinds of reasons for Facebook’s ongoing stock troubles. Here is what I think and hope will turn out to be a major reason for founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s heartburn: Timeline. Most Facebook readers who have experienced it just do not like this way of organizing our profiles and our [Read More…]

Dangerous Lives of Altar Boy Jokes

A bunch of people who don’t like the Catholic Church have been smugging themselves silly over one of those images modeled on demotivational posters. You’re probably familiar with the genre if you’re on Facebook. People like to use these things to score political points while keeping the “What, it was only a joke” card up [Read More…]