Choose Your Own Electoral College

Real Clear Politics has this handy choose-your own electoral college map where you can game out the various scenarios. Just plugged in what I consider to be the most likely state-by-state outcomes. Here are the results: Obama-Biden: 264 votes Romney-Ryan: 274 votes In putting this scenario together I used two all-important assumptions to try to [Read More…]

Please Stop Stalking Us, Mr. President

Fun thought experiment: If over the last four years somebody had sent to the White House dozens of e-mails with the same kind of creepy subject lines that the Obama campaign routinely dispatches* to my inbox, how long would it have taken before the Secret Service came knocking? [Read more…]

Listerine Can Breathe Easy

Imagine, if you dare, the sales bonanza a certain mouthwash company would have enjoyed in 2008 if it had only touted “The Audacity of Scope.” [Read more…]

Lolprez Update

Ask and ye shall receive. From I Can Has Cheezburger, behold an anti-Obama lolcat: [Read more…]

Obama Can Haz Reelection?

Man, Barack Obama stepped in it with his remarks about how business owners “didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Criticism of the president is a frequent feature on my Facebook feed, but I had never seen anything like this morning. My friends, fans and acquaintances had caustic comments galore, sure, but the pictorial [Read More…]

Fact Checking the Fact Checker

The Washington Post‘s Fact Checker Glenn Kessler has responded to my last post in comments. That was rather sporting of him, but I’m still not certain he grasps what his critics are trying to say. Kessler commented: Fyi, you misunderstand my role. I fact check statements by politicians. There is more than enough for me [Read More…]

Fact Checker Flashback

Glenn Kessler, who writes the Fact Checker blog and column for the Washington Post, has got himself into a bit of a jalapeno. Sean Higgins’s title pretty much sums it up here: “Washington Post Fact Checker: I Don’t Fact Check Our Own Writers.” The stated reason Kessler won’t fact check his own paper “despite the [Read More…]

Uh, I’ve Got Plans That Night

The latest in the long chain of creepy e-mails from the White House has just showed up in my in-box. It’s from Barack Obama, subject line, “Meet me for dinner.” [Read more…]

Why I Might End Up Voting for Dad Again

The American Spectator is a run by a non-profit, which means that the publication itself is not allowed to explicitly endorse a candidate or piece of legislation. There is some wiggle room for contributors to do so in its pages, but in practice the editors have decided to ixnay endorsementsway. In fact, I only know [Read More…]

I Get Letters… From the White House

Two letters from the Obama campaign have made their way into my e-mail inbox today. The first, from President Obama, has the subject line “In the clutch.” The second, from Joe Biden: “Midnight, your time.” Uh guys, you do realize that fund raising letters aren’t supposed to creep people out, right? [Read more…]