Bob Dylan Beats Youth, Innocence and a Bad Haircut

To play you out for the week, here is Bob Dylan’s very funny and very true new music video for the song “Duquesne Whistle” (pronounced “dew cane” whistle). Because of a few of the lyrics (“I can hear a sweet voice gently calling / Must be the mother of our Lord”), I assume it’s meant to point us to Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University, a Catholic school. But it’s Bob Dylan, so I could be wrong about that.

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Rainy Tuesday Morning Blues

Last night, as I was driving back from the Monday night softball double-header/mudfight, an unfamiliar, beautiful song came in over the radio. I didn’t catch the title or the artist, so it took a bit of tracking down. (Thank God for The Peak’s 12-hour playlist.) Finally determined that it was “Lost in the Light” by Bahamas, the solo project of Feist musician Afie Jurvanen. The song is slow and soulful and well written. It reminds me a little bit of Bob Dylan’s ’90s comeback album Time out of Mind:

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Time Out of Mind

One of the hazards of being a daily editor/aggregator is, you come unstuck in time. Not the hands of the clock, mind you. I have a great sense of what they have to say to me. I can convert quickly from Lynden time to Chicago time to DC time without effort and to London and other time zones with only a little effort.

But I have a hell of a time knowing what day it is, because I’m always shifting from one day to the next and back to do my job. For instance, right now, without checking, I’m only pretty sure that it’s Wednesday. No, I wouldn’t be willing to bet any money on that.

And if you thought all of the foregoing simply an excuse to close the night out with a Dylan song, well, I won’t argue the point.

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