Why I’m Voting for Bob Lott

I was at the usual Sunday night thing the other week. A relative newcomer found out that I worked for a sister site to Real Clear Politics. We bantered a bit, then he tried to pin me down politically. “Who are you voting for for president?” he asked. “Bob Lott,” I said. “He’s even got [Read More…]

Bunt Instruments

“I want to kill that coach!” That’s what the normally good natured Bob Lott, father of this diarist and a life-long baseball/softball coach, growled near the end of last night’s Bellingham Bells game. The boiling point was bunts. The Bells, our local West Coast League baseball team, are obsessive about bunting to advance the runner. [Read More…]

Lotts of Love on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is terribly hard for some people because they never grew up with a father, or because the one they got was not so good. Maybe he was angry and abusive or maybe he just wasn’t around much for some reason. Empathy isn’t my bag, so let me just say to readers without a [Read More…]

Why I Might End Up Voting for Dad Again

The American Spectator is a run by a non-profit, which means that the publication itself is not allowed to explicitly endorse a candidate or piece of legislation. There is some wiggle room for contributors to do so in its pages, but in practice the editors have decided to ixnay endorsementsway. In fact, I only know [Read More…]

The Bob Lott Prayer

“Dear God, help my sons not to do anything stupid today.” [Read more…]