Hey Mormons, Help a Guy Out

As part of a long commissioned piece that I am currently writing, I use a joke. Would any Mormon Jeremy Lott’s Diary readers please let me know if the highlighted part in the first sentence is correct. Bonus: If you read all the way to the end of the joke, I may have improved the [Read More…]

Devout This!

This morning, I would have been almost on time for Mass. Fortunately, yours truly got so caught up with a Darrell Issa interview on the radio that Father Flapdoodle’s homily was half-way over by the time I walked in. Listening to him tell us the story of his week made me wish I had listened [Read More…]

Exclusive Jeremy Lott Q&A!!!

Q: Why Jeremy Lott’s Diary? A: So my readers will have something interesting to read on the train. Q: People still take the train? A: I did recently, all the way from Bellingham to DC. Q: What were you doing in DC? A: I went to cover the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, and [Read More…]