Catogate Update–a Q&A

Q: Why dive back into the John Allison-Cato Insitute-Ayn Rand Institute story with a self Q&A? Isn’t that pompous? A: Because 1) I’ve been putting a lot of little items together and 2) I’ve been busy. Could have peppered Jeremy Lott’s Diary with them as I went but then it would have turned into Jeremy [Read More…]

Who Would Ayn Rand Bomb?

Boy, it is not easy to make heads-or-tails of Ayn Rand and her devotees on foreign policy. In the book Ayn Rand Nation, sloppy journalist Gary Weiss read some of Rand’s writings on war and peace, mistook her for a peacenik, and ended up asking Ayn Rand Institute board member (and soon to be president [Read More…]

New News on Catogate

Slate‘s Dave Weigel (my friend, etc., etc.) has scooped me on two points on the John Allison-Cato Institute-Ayn Rand Institute story — one minor, one major. We’ll start with the major one first, his conclusion. One of the big sticking points between Cato libertarians and Objectivists has to do with foreign policy. Cato’s foreign policy [Read More…]

More From Deep Galt

Related to the ongoing John Allison-Ayn Rand Institute-Cato Institute controversy, my source close to ARI writes: If you want to scare your old coworkers at Cato, refer them to a big dust-up from two years ago involving John McCaskey. He is an entrepreneur-turned-academic who created the Anthem Foundation, a very successful ARI-associated program that basically [Read More…]

Complicity in Cato

In today’s installment of “John Allison, Show Us the Tape,” let me grab a posted comment and break it out for wider viewing. The writer is Irfan Khawaja, an Objectivist scholar I quoted when I broke the story that Allison, president-to-be of the Cato Institute and long-time associate of the Ayn Rand Institute, may have [Read More…]

Atlas Mugged?

Meant to follow up on the John Allison thing yesterday but I didn’t for two reasons: 1) I’m under the gun on a major (7,000 words or so) piece on a certain esoteric faith that’s currently enjoying a “moment”; 2) I wanted to give Allison’s words some prominence. More will be said on this, later [Read More…]

BREAKING! John Allison’s Non-Denial Non-Denial

In a letter today sent out to all Cato scholars, soon-to-be president John Allison addressed some concerns raised by Jeremy Lott’s Diary. Here is his response in full, with one bit of emphasis added. I have some opinions about the contents of the letter, but those can wait for later: All Cato Employees, I have [Read More…]

Oceania Has Never Been at War With the Cato Institute

In the second excerpt of Deep Galt’s communique, my source schools me on how Ayn Rand Institute Objectivists, who had for years denounced libertarians, can suddenly do a 180 and send one of their top guys to run the Cato Institute. “What you have to understand about the ‘orthodox’ Objectivist movement, the ARI wing of [Read More…]

Objectivism Shrugged?

“I think you’re on to an interesting story. The whole John Allison-Cato thing has the makings of an epic disaster.” So begins the response of my source, Deep Galt, on the eminent appointment of the Ayn Rand Institute-affiliated Allison to head the Cato Institute. [Read more…]

Notes on the John Allison Story

1. Jeremy Lott’s Diary received a long response from someone close to the Ayn Rand Institute who has requested anonymity. I have decided to grant that and give my informant the codename Deep Galt — purely because the name amuses me. 2. The first communique from Deep Galt will be spooled out here over the [Read More…]