Reminder: Free Mitt, Obama and US Religion E-book

Hate to flog this again but, well, actually no I don’t. Yesterday, I announced the release of the short e-book Mitt Romney’s Mormon-Christian Coalition, written by yours truly and published for free through the sponsorship of the conservative weekly Human Events.

I’ll have more to say about the substance of that book this week, but for now here’s the link to the page where you can sign up to have it sent to you immediately and for no dollars and zero cents. Download it, digest it and tell Jeremy Lott’s Diary what you thought of it in comments.

Free Jeremy Lott E-book on Mitt, Obama & Mormonism

Your diarist wrote it up as a “special report” for Human Events. The e-book in pdf format is about 7,500 words long, laid out for easy reading, and is absolutely free. Please get your copy right here and then post in comments what you thought of it.

Mitt Whiffed on Mormon Leadership

The latest issue of Business Week has an interview with Mitt Romney. The question was put to him, “why does Mormonism produce such a disproportionate number of political and business leaders?”

Romney gave what you might call a Mormon-flavored ecumenical answer, which I will reproduce in full. Please circle back after the block quote, because I want to take a stab at it. He said:

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