Hey Mormons, Help a Guy Out

As part of a long commissioned piece that I am currently writing, I use a joke. Would any Mormon Jeremy Lott’s Diary readers please let me know if the highlighted part in the first sentence is correct. Bonus: If you read all the way to the end of the joke, I may have improved the [Read More…]

I’m Huge in Japan

Let me draw your attention to two Jeremy Lott’s Diary media hits this week because 1) self-promotion! and 2) the articles are by journalists I both like and respect. The most recent ran today in Politix, a project of Topix, by new editor-in-chief David Mark. Mark was previously editor of a bunch of stuff including [Read More…]

Misunderestimating Mormonism

This is one of those times where one probably ought to announce one’s biases up front so as to avoid any misunderstanding: I do not believe Mormonism to be metaphysically true because I accept a different and competing set of metaphysical truths. While I cannot claim to have given the Latter-Day religion every possible consideration, [Read More…]

Failure of Moderation

Comments come into this site on an irregular basis. Usually, I’m around to approve or reject them not long after they are submitted, or I can approve the one or two stand-alone comments several hours after the fact. Today, however, was different. A bunch of comments came in on the Carrie Sheffield Mormon brouhahahahahaha! I [Read More…]

More on Mormon Decline

In response to the last blog post, Carrie Sheffield wrote to me the following. I asked if she’d like me to reproduce it here. She said yes, so here you go: Hey Jeremy, I just saw your blog post. Would have been great if you had asked me for comment beforehand to understand some of [Read More…]

Development of Dougherty Doctrine

The Dougherty Doctrine is a rhetorical trick that makes many political debates much easier to understand. It was accidentally coined by journalist and former roommate Michael Brendan Dougherty in an article for the Washington Monthly. Dougherty took in an intra-Republican debate and wrote, “the arguments all seem to boil down to something similar: If it [Read More…]

Exclusive Jeremy Lott Q&A!!!

Q: Why Jeremy Lott’s Diary? A: So my readers will have something interesting to read on the train. Q: People still take the train? A: I did recently, all the way from Bellingham to DC. Q: What were you doing in DC? A: I went to cover the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, and [Read More…]