There Goes My Superman Hearing

Your diarist is about to sign off and head down to Seattle for the day to watch a Mariners game with Mum, Dad, the kid brother and several relatives rarely heard from. The only thing that could put a damper on things is what appears to be an inner ear infection.

The right ear is full and nearly deaf, which reduces my hearing to about what a normal person can make out. Super hearing has been both my super power and my curse. When people are talking confidentially one or two rooms away, I often have to warn them that they’d better put more distance between us. Today, that won’t be much of a problem.

If It’s Bad for Seattle…

Your diarist is in the People’s Republic of Seattle today. Hitched a ride with a friend and the plan is to stick around for Real Clear Science editor Alex Berezow’s talk about his new book Science Left Behind and hitch another ride back to Lynden tomorrow.

I say “the plan is to” because there’s a big protest by Occupiers coming up later today and who knows what it will disrupt. My motto for Washington state politics is, “If it’s bad for Seattle, it’s good for the rest of us.” But that doesn’t work while I’m in Seattle.