The Things Gram Put Up With

My family, Whatcom County division, got together Sunday on the anniversary of grandmother Shirley Bailey’s death. We had pizza and ate her beloved chocolate chip cookies and told stories. The theme that emerged was, Wow, she put up with a lot from us.

For instance, the story Dad told was of the time we bought a bunch of yo-yos. He had been playing around with his and gotten quite good at it, so he called his mother-in-law into the living room and proceeded to attempt the “around the world.”

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The Most Stubborn Woman in the World

That was my grandmother, Shirley Bailey. She died a year ago today. This is some of what I had to say at her funeral:

You have probably heard it said that we all die alone. Our final moments are so far removed from common experience that we might as well be long-eroded solitary islands, finally swallowed by the rising sea.

That’s a bleak way of looking at things, but note well: “bleak” does not always mean “true.” [Read more...]