Damn John [Roberts]!

Palpable conservative anger at John Roberts over the Obamacare ruling reminded me of something out of US History 101. John Jay, our first Supreme Court Chief Justice, turns out not to have been a terribly well liked guy either.

While serving on the court, Jay negotiated a treaty with Britain that… proved unpopular. It inspired perhaps the most famous bit of political graffiti in American history: “Damn John Jay! Damn everyone who won’t damn John Jay!! Damn everyone that won’t put lights in his windows and sit up all night damning John Jay!!!” The Wikipedia entry adds, “Jay complained that he could travel from Boston to Philadelphia solely by the light of his burning effigies.”

I did a Google search for “damn John Roberts” yesterday but came up empty. Wonder how long it will take our more historically-minded, Tricorne-hat wearing tea partiers to dust off that old taunt and repurpose it.

How to Make Tomorrow Less Insane

The Supreme Court is scheduled to deliver its Obamacare decision Thursday. Getting to the meat of that decision, and all of its implications for the future of this country, is going to be harder than it sounds.

It will be hard because of all the human static. People who only half know what they’re talking about will try to say something — anything! — to avoid dead air time on television and radio. Lots of weasel words, conditional clauses and marginal expert analysis to follow.

Do not despair! I bring you good news of a great blog that will pounce on the decision like a hawk and use its analytical talons to skin the thing alive.

The blog is called The Mark-Up. It is a product of one of the websites I help edit, Real Clear Policy. All day tomorrow, co-editor Joseph Lawler will cut through the static to bring you the best analysis of what the court has wrought.

If I were you, I’d bookmark it right now and do some finger exercises so you’ll be up to the monumental task of hitting that “refresh” button.

The Mark-Up