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Do you own a gun?

I did. I grew up with a father who hunted, with uncles who hunted, with friends who hunted, and in a community where hunting was common. Then when I was in seminary I came to more pacifist conclusions and to some “green” conclusions. So, I sold my gun to someone who loved to hunt. But, [Read More…]

Our Reasonable Faith 15

This series is by RJS Orthodox Christianity as affirmed in the historic creeds is at its heart Trinitarian -there is one God existing in three persons. But what does this mean — and why is it important? Certainly the Trinity is a tough concept to grasp – it overloads our mental circuits to use Keller’s [Read More…]

Heaven 4

Here are some texts from Mark 13 that muddy the clear waters of tradition when it comes to the meaning of “heaven.” [Read more…]