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Were Confederate Soldiers Terrorists?

So argues Roland Martin, of [Roland needs to define “terrorist.” It appears to me that he’s defined “terrorist” as anyone who fights for an unjustifiable cause. I don’t support, however, Virginia’s governor in this celebration.] Based on the hundreds of e-mails, Facebook comments and Tweets I’ve read in response to my denunciation of Virginia [Read More…]

Our Common Prayerbook: Psalm 5

Again, the psalmist (here David according to the heading) barges into the presence of God and demands attention, consideration, and an ear. Why? Because YHWH is the psalmist’s king and God and the one to whom David pleads.  What strikes me about this prayer is the rhetoric of theological reflection: David ponders the very nature [Read More…]

That Soul-Sort Narrative 3

We are looking at Brian McLaren’s soul-sort narrative. I have, in two previous posts, sketched Brian’s soul-sort narrative, which I contend is not the conventional Christian’s narrative, and I have sketched the Christian conventional narrative and also suggested that the Protestant evangelical soul-sort narrative is actually better seen as a plan of salvation and not [Read More…]

Advising Atheists (Loser Letters) 9

What about guilt? The last and parting letter in Mary Eberstadt’s new book, The Loser Letters , examines this question. Why do we feel guilty? The story of her satire about A.F. Christian (A Former Christian who converts to atheism) comes to this question because her mother died and her boyfriend walked on her and she had an abortion, [Read More…]