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Our Kids are Moving with Us

Our Mabanteneni kids, that is, will be showing up on Patheos from time to time. Kris and I are committed to helping orphans in Swaziland at a place called Mabanteneni.  The needs, as you may know, are desperate but one thing we can do is offer help fund ministries like those of Hope Chest that [Read More…]

What is theology?

Alister McGrath, in his new book The Passionate Intellect: Christian Faith and the Discipleship of the Mind, explores this theme through the themes about theology in the poetry of George Herbert, and toward the end of the study makes this wonderful statement: Theology makes possible a new of seeing things, throwing open the shutters on [Read More…]

But do they sometimes doubt?

I wrestled with this blog post. I couldn’t decide whether to put it on my blog or on a friend’s blog as an anonymous post. The decision was not an easy one, but I ultimately decided that having the courage to stand behind my words should outweigh my desire to not want to draw attention to myself. I have not sought to boost my readership by signaling anyone out or to be a hypocrite and build my own “persona” (see below).

Either way, I knew this was a lose-lose decision, and decided that courage should trump anonymity.

Two recent stories have piqued my interest. [Read more…]