A (coffee) Confession

I have to make a confession.

I abandoned my trusty AeroPress coffee maker for my office after an experience in Ireland last summer with Nespresso’s simple, no-frills, no-hassles, no-fail espresso machine (Nespresso C110-US-GR-NE CitiZ). My colleague, Joel Willitts, supports me when I say, “This is one fine espresso machine.”

No matter how purist I have been with my home Rancilio Silvia, grinding my own beans with a hand grinder, no matter how much I’ve been committed to that machine … at my office I don’t have the time to be grinding and pounding and cleaning … so when I tasted one cup of Nespresso last summer, I said, “That thing was designed for the office.”

Team it up with that nice Nespresso Aeroccino Plus milk frother and you can kiss the money-guzzling coffee shops goodbye.

Don’t be a drip.

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