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Study Guide for One.Life

In the last three or four days a half dozen or more folks have written me to ask if there is a Study Guide for One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow. Yes, there is. But it’s already in the book, but it’s organic to the book and not an add-on. In fact, it’s a “new kind [Read More…]

Time Person of the Year

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook genius, has been named Time person of the year. How has Facebook changed your life? Or how is it impacting your life? What do you do now on FB that, if FB disappeared, you’d have to do differently? Do you e-mail almost exclusively though FB? Is the place your family shares [Read More…]

The Best Little Coffee Maker Christmas Present

Just in case you’re like me and are always looking for clues for Christmas presents, and I know how much I like it when folks make suggestions like this, I want to recommend the best little coffee maker in the world. For the money you can’t beat the AeroPress. For the money you also can’t [Read More…]

Evolutionary Creation 6 (RJS)

We’ve been working through Denis O. Lamoureux’s book Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution – a book that describes a way to move beyond the creation and evolutions debates. Chapter 4 of this book describes the role that ancient science plays in the text of scripture. The post on Tuesday looked at the general [Read More…]

A 55+ Responds to Advice for 55+ Leaders

Brad Lomenick is one of America’s young Christian leaders, and he’s the point person of the very successful Catalyst conferences. I admire Brad and think the world of what he’s doing. On his blog he’s been doing some stuff on age groups and advice about leadership. Thus, here’s one and here’s another. His series of [Read More…]