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On Hiding “Spring Spheres”

From Allan Bevere: A teacher at a private school in Seattle, for reasons of political correctness, has renamed Easter eggs “spring spheres.” (The story ishere.) That is what the teenager, a volunteer, told the media as she brought the festively colored, oblong chicken ova to elementary school children. Apparently, the school administration did not want them [Read More…]

Exploring Love Wins 7

The 5th chp in Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived, is called “Dying to Live.”  I am asking that you pause quietly and slow down enough to pray this prayer as the way to approach this entire series: O Lord, you have [Read More…]

Into the Depths of Why? 2

Adam Hamilton’s new book, Why?: Making Sense of God’s Will, is short. It’s wise. It asks four big questions: Why do the innocent suffer? Why do my prayers go unanswered? What can’t I see God’s will for my life? Why God’s love prevails In chp 2 he asks about unanswered prayer — and wonder why [Read More…]