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Parable of the Cub Fan

One day, Satan was out for a walk through Hell, making sure things were running smoothly. When he got to the Lake of Fire, he saw a man sitting by the lake, relaxing in a lawn chair, and not sweating or looking uncomfortable at all. Perplexed, Satan approached the man and asked: “Young man, are you [Read More…]

Nicholas Kristof’s Analogy: Agree?

Nick Kristof’s analogy expresses his theory of how to understand the problem of America’s inequities. Do you think this analogy is accurate? What would be better? Imagine a kindergarten with 100 students, lavishly supplied with books, crayons and toys. Yet you gasp: one avaricious little boy is jealously guarding a mountain of toys for himself. [Read More…]

Red Letter Christians

Some of you may know a bit of a crowd gathered around the idea of being red-letter Christians, that is, Christians who root praxis in the words of Jesus. Some are not too happy with that approach if it means dismissing or devaluing the teachings of the apostles. In other words, this is about canon [Read More…]

God-Belief and its Problems (by Jeff Cook)

This post is a series by Jeff Cook. Socrates said, “Philosophy begins with wonder” and nearly all human beings at all times have looked at the world around them and, given its beauties, powers, and complexities, asked if what they saw was designed by a mind for a purpose. I think it is vitally important [Read More…]

The Earliest Readings of Genesis 1

One of the areas we need to get sharper on is knowing how other Christians — ages ago — read Genesis 1. The singular problem of reading Genesis after Darwin is that he reshaped how we all read Genesis 1. That is, the pro-Darwin crowd sought either some kind of concord between science and Genesis 1 [Read More…]